actiontec gt784wnv setup

I had already setup a new admin password, so I used that and arrived at the Home page. Also got IP conflicts occassionally. 09:26 PM As long as you only need access to the routers without disconnecting your computer from the RJ-45 WAN router (what ever you got), #1 Both routers can not be in the same subnet (see option one two, as I explained what that means.). #1 Both the router can not be in the same subnet and you must have a second RJ-45 WAN port NAT router. 1 person found this solution to be helpful. If the light is solid red, the gateway is not connected to the Internet. Rock 'n roll. d) To get back online, you need to change the WAN setting back to what it was before you made it a Static IP with-in the same subnet as the modem combo. Summary: NIC gets disconnected from the RJ-45 WAN router, a static IP is setup on that NIC with-in the same subnet as the modem combo and NIC gets re-connected to the modem combo. Or Just factory reset it & log in normally. I just want to add my experience for the benefit of anyone else with a similar setup. A thread at DSLR ([modem/router] How to access 6100G's interface while connected?Note: How the OP started the thread.Short summary since all of the info is not in only post..RJ-45 WAN port router's LAN and the modem combo's LAN are not in the same subnet, RJ-45 WAN port router has WAN port connected to modem combo: as long as the PPPoE connection is down he/she is able to get into the modem combo. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. However, my printer is not wireless, and I was unable to print anything with it plugged into the USB port on the Actiontec. 11:44 AM Just a heads up for anyone looking to put their GT784 to Bridge Mode and use their own router, I did it successfully yesterday and got good support from Verizon in the process. Thank you for reading our article on ‘Actiontec GT784WNV Router Setup‘. - last edited on Forum discussion: I have a leftover, maybe never used Actiontec GT784WNV. I changed to "link-local" mode in the AE and that fixed it. ‎05-16-2019 I just swapped out the equipment and figured it would just work (not) like my cable modem but the Internet light isn't on. Hope this is useful - just give them a call and they should be more than happy to help. 1. I clicked on the "Internet" button, and saw the first item under Internet Setup asked, "Does your Internet connection require a login?" Actiontec - GT784WNV MTS. - edited ‎05-16-2019 Turns out, in my case, it was PPPoE. Also got IP conflicts occassionally. All of the options/possible fixes above that I have tested and I know that work, the options below I am not sure of. Note if that works: I would think it works for other connections that require a log-in.Other examples of types of connections that require a log-in are: PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, and Big Pond.All of those examples, but not including PPPoA, are as shown at by ** Option 9 (with access to both and online) **. **. ‎05-05-2019 Ip Address: The answer to the OP's question without adding more hardware (ex a hub/switch between modem combo and router - because the Westell 6100G only has one LAN port. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. [modem/router] How to access 6100G's interface while connected? 07:12 PM I set up our AE with DHCP under Internet section and enabled DHCP and NAT under Network section. ‎04-07-2015 ‎01-25-2020 admin Printed on Routers Label … by LawrenceC. Now we have the modem set up as Bridge Mode with the AE set up to handle wireless and router functions. To reset your Actiontec GT784WNV to factory default settings: Open your Web browser and enter ... Set the remote port and IP information (optional): Enter the starting port coming from the web Enter the ending port coming from the web If you want all access from the web to route to this port enter in the Remote IP Address field; Click Apply to save the new settings. I also didn't have the functionality of Netgear's Genie program with the GT784WNV as my router. 2. Page 9 Actiontec GT784WN Router Setup and User Guide Mac OS X: 1. Last night I couldn't get into the modem at after I put it to Bridge mode. Reset the Verizon Actiontec GT784WNV modem using a sharp object and press the red circle button on the back for 5-10 seconds. and then hit apply. 4 people found this solution to be helpful. We have had problems with the modem locking up (needing a manual power off/on reboot) about three times a week. #3 Once you make those changes, now you can connect both of those routers together but this time LAN to LAN. The username is admin and the password is password1. ** Option 5 - Another Possible fix with access to both and online. ‎05-16-2019 Anyone know where I can locate procedures or walk me through it? I figured if he could make it work, great; if not, I'd go back and try to follow cr006f's instructions. ‎01-26-2020 09:31 PM To help you find that info out, you can use the guides at Another problem is that my parents are pretty old and don't know their account login info. Your guide to setting up your router and verizon high speed internet network. Handy reference on how to reset the modem - I didn't need to use this but YMMV: If the light is solid green, the gateway is connected to the Internet. Actiontec GT784WN Router Setup and User Guide 13. Router Ip address. All in all, it seems like the solution was pretty simple -- but without the Verizon tech being able to tell me what my particular router needed to make it work, I more or less had to stumble into it. Section 1 on this page said "Select the ISP protocol below." Verizon sent us their Actiontec GT784WNV modem/router since the modem I had was not Verizon-issued equipment. 07:31 AM Network Router ActionTec GT784WNV Verizon Quick Manual. I enabled Bridge Mode in the modem (one-click button on main screen). In the future, when you log in to the router page at, there should be a tab on the side that says "Bridge Mode" - just click that and follow the directions. LawrenceC, ‎05-17-2019 b) Set it's LAN IP Address with the same Subnet as the primary but outside of the DHCP Range of the Primary router's DHCP Range. With my RJ-45 WAN port router connected with it's WAN port to the LAN port of the cable modem and both devices are different LAN subnets - while I have the Route Modem IP option I can access the cable modem as normal (That was not possible on my DSL connection). - edited 1. ‎01-26-2020 I'm a retired software developer too! 11:42 PM - last edited on Router Ip address. Plug an ethernet cable from the back of the modem directly to your computer. I already had a Netgear WNDR3800 router that worked very well for our home network, but we were experiencing intermittent dropouts with our Internet service. - last edited on How To Setup Actiontec Modem Jun 10, 2011. by #6 Now in the second RJ-45 WAN port NAT router, you use a static route in this format.. All of the options/possible fixes above that I have tested and I know that work, the options below I am not sure of. I’m purchasing an Actiontec GT724WGR Universally Compatible 4-port ADSL Wireless Gateway to be used strictly as a modem with Qwest DSL. Step 1 from the Verizon tech was to log in to the GT784WNV at And - summary: RJ-45 WAN port router's LAN and the modem combo's LAN are not in the same subnet, your computer must have two NICs (one of them must a wired NIC), the NIC that is connected to the modem combo is in the same subnet as the modem combo LAN IP. #5 Do not set a Default Gateway or edit the DNS Settings on your computer. After researching this online, I was dismayed to find that, unlike my Netgear router, the USB port on this Actiontec apparently has no network functionality. Can I set it up so that it is NOT connected to DSL but becomes a mini-router that provides WiFi in a … I set up DNS servers using OpenDNS (in the AE). I installed the Actiontec and got all of our computers and phones connected to the Internet through it without any problems. 3. 12:13 AM by c) Be strongly advised as long as the RJ-45 router's WAN IP is set to Static and is in the same subnet as the modem combo and this RJ-45 router is not a Dual WAN port router of any kind (RJ-45 WAN1 and RJ-45 WAN2, RJ-45 WAN and 4G/LTE, RJ-45 WAN and POTS dial-up, ETC..) you (and the computers that are behind this RJ-45 WAN port router) are not going to be able to access the Internet! Configuring Your Computer Once your router has been configured, you’ll need to configure your computer to test and make sure your Static IP addresses are working correctly. He ran a diagnostic test, but didn't find any problems. -> Community -> Wiki -> Tutorials (Basic and advanced configuration tasks for your router... [modem/router] How to access 6100G's interface while connected? Hopefully this might save someone else a little bit of stumbling around. Our modem screens looked like these - I believe it is a new version of the firmware, compared to other screenshots I have seen.

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