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Clear, Add the items to your existing shopping cart? EC Index Number 217-468-9 Store under Nitrogen. Component Compounds: CID 8471 (Triethylamine) CID 243 (Benzoic acid) Dates: Modify . Contents. I agree Ammonium benzoate is used predominantly in industries which acts as a corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents . @ 760.00 mm Hg (est). At Penta, our products and services help businesses do business better. Keep, Replace your shopping cart with these items? Molecular Weight 139.15 . Harmful if swallowed. Other consumer uses include cleaning and furnishing Care products, paints and coatings, personal care products, water treatment products. Sigma-Aldrich Products are sold exclusively through Sigma-Aldrich, Inc. in front of the letter e.g. It is a compound of a salt with an inert anion like benzoate or saccharide. MDL number MFCD00013069. Ammonium benzoate EMPLURA ® Synonym: Ammonium benzoate CAS Number 1863-63-4. presented with a COA Request form. The role of Cys108 in Trigonopsis variabilis d-amino acid oxidase examined through chemical oxidation studies and point mutations C108S and C108D. It is also used as paint additives and coating additives. Our products and expertise have helped fuel technical advances in dozens of commercial applications including flavoring, coloring, fragrances and chemical processes. Terms of Use, Keep your current shopping and add the saved Cart? May cause respiratory irritation. All Rights Reserved. Create . Classification of the substance or mixture, GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS), GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements. 5 … you enter 062K1064. Our complete suite of CRO services spans the entire molecule development pipeline including contract research for target identification, building blocks, compound synthesis, biochemical and cellular analysis, preclinical animal tests, and clinical studies. Need larger quantities for your development, manufacturing or research applications? Contact Keep only in the original container in a cool, well ventilated place. Uses of Ammonium benzoate: it can be used to produce benzoic acid 5-benzyloxymethyl-4-hydroxy-5-methoxy-tetrahydro-furan-3-yl ester at the temperature of 80 °C. SCHEMBL1463186. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 7 H 9 NO 2. Studies of aflatoxins in Chiang Mai, Thailand. IF INHALED: Remove to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. Molecular Weight: 223.31 g/mol. Precautionary Statements: 2020-10-24. Nitinol™ Nickel Titanium Shape Memory Alloys, Specpure® Inorganic Standards for Water Analysis, Specpure® Oil-Based Standards for Wear Metal Analysis, Specpure® XRF Standards for Petroleum Products, Cellular Growth & Attachment Factors - BT Products, POCO Electron Beam Crucibles & Hearth Shields (Carbon Graphite), Boron, Phosphorus, Silicon, and Sulfur Compounds, Sugars, Steroids, Amino Acids, and Nucleotides, Precious Metal Compounds - Homogeneous Catalysts. number 09019TO without the first two letters. Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found). Ambient temperatures. Our salts are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions mostly in our facilities at Darmstad...Keywords: Pharmaceutical. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. When you are using this chemical, please be cautious about it as the following: This chemical is harmful if swallowed. [Influence of sodium benzoate, p-aminobenzoic acid and ammonium benzoate on the lethal doses of procaine and lidocaine in male rats (author's transl)]. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If your Ammonium benzoate is also used as chemical analysis reagents, in electronics industry, used for the production of electrolytic capacitors and also used in pharmaceutical industries. triethylammonium benzoate. Keep container tightly closed. In personal care products, ammonium benzoate is used as a preservative. Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. Site Use Terms If you find a lot number such as TO09019TO - enter the lot Did you use this product in your Paper? A coarse, white powder, ammonium benzoate is used in the coatings industry as a cost-effective, amine-free flash rust inhibitor for ferrous substrates. Continue rinsing. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. 2007-12-05. In many cases a COA can be faxed All Rights Reserved. For availability and current pricing, please visit: Sodium pentacyanonitrosylferrate(III) dihydrate, 98+%, 2,6-Dichloroindophenol sodium salt hydrate. For over 30 years, Penta Manufacturing Company has played a growing role in worldwide chemistry innovations and applications. Sodium benzoate may also be a problem when used medicinally for low-birth-weight infants as noted in a 1992 U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention article cited in the Hazardous Substances Database (HSDB). Used as adhesives, metal rust treatment and rubber additives. Ammonium benzoate, a fine, white powder or colorless crystalline, is used in the coatings industry as a cost-effective, amine-free flash rust inhibitor for ferrous substrates. Privacy Policy BOC Sciences provides a wide range of services to support the pharmaceutical industry through all stages of drug discovery including Custom Synthesis of those chemicals that are not in stock, Isotope Labeling Service, Chiral Synthesis and Resolution, Bioconjugation, PEGylation services, analytical services. Ammonium benzoate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production Chemical Properties White crystalline powder Uses To preserve glue and latex. By browsing our website without changing the browser settings you grant us permission to store that information on your device. Type in Product Names, Product Numbers, or CAS Numbers to see suggestions. Our site saves small pieces of text information (cookies) on your device in order to deliver better content and for statistical purposes. You can disable the usage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Analytica Chimica Acta. 2 Names and Identifiers Expand this section. Lot and Batch Numbers can be found on a product's label © Copyright 2020 Alfa Aesar, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Osborn.Some further an?lytical applications of ammonium benzoate an investigation into the uses and limitations of ammonium benzoate for the quantitative estimation of tin, titanium, zirconium, thorium, bismuth and cerium, and for their separation from other elements. Quality supplier of research chemicals and biochemicals including inhibitors, building blocks, GMP Products, impurities and metabolites, APIs for Veterinary, Natural Compounds, ADCs, Stem Cell Molecule and chiral compounds. Alan Jewsbury,; G.H. © 2020  Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and/or its affiliates. If so click here. If you find a lot number with a filling-code such as K9. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician if you feel unwell. It is soluble in water, methanol insoluble in diethyl ether. 62K1064 – you will only find the COO if 05427ES–021 - enter the lot number 05427ES without the filling-code Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others. Lewis base catalyzed Mannich-type reactions between trimethylsilyl enol ethers and aldimines. 1949, 3642-655. Customer Service, Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C7H9NO2, Assay (perchloric acid titration): ≥ 98.0 %Identity (IR-spectrum): passes testpH-value (10 %; water): 6.0 - 8.0Heavy metals (as Pb): ≤ 0.001 %Oxidizable matter: passes testResidual solvents (Ph Eur/ICH): excluded by production process, EMPLURA is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Soluble in water. 3 Chemical and Physical Properties Expand this section. The EMPLURA® product range is i...Keywords: Environmental, Evaporation, Green chemistry, Solvents, We offer a comprehensive portfolio of inorganic salts in two quality grades: EMSURE® and EMPLURA®. -021. BOC Sciences is a brand of BOCSCI Inc. We leverage our wide spectrum of business in the fields of development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution to help you make best-informed decisions tailored to your evolving needs for premium chemicals. to you upon submission of this form. Ammonium benzoate is used predominantly in industries which acts as a corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents .   |   The structure of denatonium is related to the local anesthetic lidocaine, differing only by the addition of a benzyl group to the amino nitrogen. Use: Ammonium benzoate, NH4C7H5O2, a white solid, is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid. General Description A white crystalline solid. More important for COO: enter a "0" if only two numbers are A coarse, white powder, ammonium benzoate is used in the coatings industry as a cost-effective, amine-free flash rust inhibitor for ferrous substrates. H302-H315-H319-H335. It is also used as paint additives and coating additives. The precipitation of aluminium and its separation from cobalt, chromium, nickel or zinc by means of ammonium benzoate. Hygroscopic. Other similar compounds are procaine and benzocaine. Causes skin irritation. [Studies on the infrared and fluorescence spectra of europium lanthanum-benzoate complexes]. : 1863-63-4 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratorychemicals, Industrial & for professional use only. search was unable to find the COA you are looking for, you will be Immediate steps should be taken to limit spread to the environment. Keep away from strong bases, strong acids & direct sunlight. US / EU / FDA / JECFA / FEMA / FLAVIS / Scholar / Patent Information: Use: Ammonium benzoate, NH4C7H5O2, a white solid, is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid. Ammonium benzoate is also used as a preservative in certain adhesives and rubber latex and is commonly used as industrial preservative for paper wrappers, an agent for reducing curing time in vulcanization of rubber and an analytical reagent for various elements.

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