assassin's creed 3 remastered trophy guide

Finally, go to either the Accounting Logbook in the Manor or any book in a General Store and craft the item. She will say variations on “someone is trying to light a fuse!” and a large red dot will appear on your map (much larger than the normal soldiers). This is the location for a video which sheds some light on the fragments. Glitch present and made getting the platinum for me impossible unless I restarted the whole game. Lumberer: This one is story-related and will unlock as you progress throughout the story. Now I can’t get Completionist I am stuck at 99% when I checked the only thing left is Delivery Requests so it was Big Dave’s! You don’t have to kill any Bluecoats, just move towards the orange circle on your map within the fort and go up the ramp. Exploring Fort Wolcott is a Naval Mission that is unlocked, Uncovering the Mystery of Oak Island is the final mission of all the ones that Peg Leg can give you. They are shorter than the Naval Missions, and have the purpose of eliminating piracy on your trade routes to reduce the risk of sending convoys to the main cities. Press  to whistle and attract his attention, and when he walks over to you, press  to do a corner assassination. Upon finishing Sequence 5, you will be able to take on Naval Missions. Kill 5 guards with one use of Bear Might. With all of the power sources obtained and the finale of Connor's story taken care of, you will be able to finish out Desmond's side of the tale. Loot a convoy without killing any of its guards. You will fly over to him and assassinate him thus earning you this trophy. Discover all Underground Network Entrances (A.K.A. Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 10 to get this trophy. It looks like that the missing ones will spawn beginning of the sequence 9. Aside from needing 100% sync on every main story mission, you will need 100% sync onÂ, The first thing that you need to do for this trophy is to recruit a Trainee. Win a game of Fanorona, Morris and Bowls on the Homestead. You will unlock this trophy after completing the short Desmond mission, which takes place upon completion of Sequence 8. The woodworker says 2/3 but in on the animus database it says 100%. They usually wear a black uniform, have a sword, a pistol and grenades. I am so pissed! Receive an unexpected gift. To defeat them, run up to the citizen and just let the wolves attack you. See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Speak to Randvi Bugged? The side-missions are in abundance in the Frontier and randomly generate as you travel. The two main methods on it are from a Guard who is wielding one or from a Musket rack that can be found in many different areas in the game. After you have defended your fellow soldiers from the waves of enemies and they have boarded the Aquila, Putnam will appear holding your friend Kanen’tó:kon hostage at knife-point. If you are having difficulty locating any of the stores, please refer to the list and video guide below. Once it finishes, this objective will come up. Note – Please see “Completionist” below for locations of all the Almanac pages (required for 100% sync). Once you activate the pedestal in front of the stairs, you will have one minute to solve the puzzle to open the throne room door. Speak with him after Sequence 9 Mission 1 (when he doesn’t have W icon) and right now I’m stuck. This one you will have to wait until the main story is finished. There are only a couple of missions that are likely to cause a bit of trouble, particularly the chase scenes where you are not allowed to shove anyone in your path. Just pick the remaining guards off if there are any survivors. Defeating Washington via conventional purposes won’t work, so you will need to use your Animal Powers here. See trophy If I Can Make It There. It’s an app for Android that simulates the game: (don’t know if its available on iOS). Either way, you will need to engage in a QTE, whereby you need to press two buttons to defeat each wolf. There will be lots of Jagers on the streets then. In order to reach 100% synchronization in New York, you will need to complete all of the following: This trophy is story-related and cannot be missed. Defend yourself from a firing line by using a human shield 10 times. Story related and can not be missed. Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier. Sometimes I’ll be on Not.2 in a restricted area all the while surrounded by and attacking several soldiers and as I move slightly out of restricted into the street, mid-combat, drop to incognito. This is basically unmissable, as the game tells you to do exactly this. For now I’m doing every search with no problem. I scanned him while fixing the chair and that beautiful sound of the trophy went to my ears like.. never mind hahaha. Return to heavily guarded Boston as Connor tries to figure out how to take down King Washington. In this DLC episode, you will learn Bear Might. Climb to the top of the gallows to find this final artefact. You can check how many of each type of mission you have completed, as well as your total Sync %, in the DNA Tracker in the Pause menu (press  and then  twice). Earn all other Trophies in Assassin’s Creed 3 Remaster to unlock Platinum. If you are having trouble finding multiple convoys, luckyegg has provided an excellent tip. As long as you use Eagle Flight and don’t walk/run off the edge of the platforms, you should easily complete this objective. The aim of the game is to leave the opponent with less than 3 pieces or block all of his moves. This is the only mission I have to do for the main game trophies!!!! Then carefully creep forward between the bushes and do not touch them. All of the other trophies can be obtained after you’ve finished the main story as the game remains in a free roam state after finishing the final sequence and mission. Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs. Perform a double assassination using a musket. Four relatively simple silver trophies. I can’t get the Jager Bomb trophy. Shoot into the approaching group of soldiers and you should get the 15 kills on your first shot. Explore the canopy by traveling 100 meters through the trees. Washington will stand in the middle of the area with golden spheres moving slowly around him. Anyone who has played previous games in the series such as Brotherhood or Revelations should know how the following steps work. Now Load the DLC from the Main Menu again, then you will appear back in the same location and a convoy will spawn right in front of you. This is the location for a video which sheds some light on the fragments, however, it is not required to watch this video for the trophy. When a new torch-bearing soldier appears, he will run towards one of the houses to light some explosive barrels. It's up to you to find all of them. Once you acquire an assassin, hold to bring up the Assassin Mission Map/Menu and press to access the different states and missions that are available. Furthermore, the checkpoint system in this game is very friendly in this regard. If a sphere touches you, you will lose your invisibility and Washington will knock you back. Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 6 to get this trophy. They will simply be unavailable for five minutes before they recover. The Wolf Rescue missions involve you defending a citizen from three wolves. Once you have got them in a rope, you will need to tilt, Convoys can only be found in the Frontier area. To check your progress, press and go to the Animus DNA Tracker tab. Kill the runner by calling the Wolf Pack. Head back on top of the cart and carry on down the street. For more information on how to recruit a trainee, refer to. This is easier than it looks. If I download this remaster and only play Liberation, will there still be a trophy list of ACIII popping up in the trophies list on the PS4 menu, or will it just be the Liberation trophies?

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