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Psychologists define attitudes as a learned tendency to evaluate things in a certain way. People seek out others who share their attitudes, and develop similar attitudes to those they like., Exforsys Inc. - The Psychology of Attitude. The quality of one’s attitudes is judged from the observable, evaluative responses that are made. Definition of attitude. Attitude has an object: An attitude has an object, which is liked or disliked, favored or disfavored; or evaluated as negative or positive. One needs to understand … While one might consult one’s inner experiences as evidence of one’s own attitudes, only public behaviour can receive objective study. Social Forces, 13, 230-237. var idcomments_acct = '911e7834fec70b58e57f0a4156665d56'; People are generally more knowledgeable about topics that interest them and are likely to hold strong attitudes (positive or negative) as a consequence. Explicit attitudes are conscious beliefs that can guide decisions and behavior.Implicit attitudes are unconscious beliefs that can still influence decisions and behavior. attitude: [ at´Ä­-to̳d ] 1. a posture or position of the body; in obstetrics, the relation of the various parts of the fetal body to one another. function Gsitesearch(curobj){ curobj.q.value="site:"+domainroot+" "+curobj.qfront.value }. Daniel Katz (1960) outlines four functional areas: Attitudes provide meaning (knowledge) for life. There is evidence that the cognitive and affective components of behavior do not always match with behavior. For example, knowing that a person is religious we can predict they will go to Church. The stronger the attitude the more likely it should affect behavior. This function has psychiatric overtones. Attitudes are important because they affect both the way we perceive the world and how we behave. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers. How many people actually form opinions on a given issue, as well as what sorts of opinions they form, depends partly on their immediate situations, partly on more-general social-environmental factors, and partly on their preexisting knowledge, attitudes, and values. For this reason investigators rely heavily on behavioral indexes of attitudes—e.g., on what people say, on how they respond to questionnaires, or on such physiological signs as changes in heart rate. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'simplypsychology_org-box-3','ezslot_5',876,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'simplypsychology_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',174,'0','0'])); An attitude is "a relatively enduring organization of beliefs, feelings, and behavioral tendencies towards socially significant objects, groups, events or symbols" However, as anyone who has every “faked” an attitude scales knows there are shortcomings in these self report scales of attitudes. Typically, attitudes are favorable or unfavorable: positive or negative (Eagly & Chaiken, 1993). Eagly, A. H., & Chaiken, S. (1993). Because attitudes and…, Research into the origins, dynamics, and changes of attitudes and beliefs has been carried out by laboratory experiments (studying relatively minor effects), by social surveys and other statistical field studies, by psychometric studies, and occasionally by field experiments. Early approaches proposed different measurement methods, and ambivalence can now be measured either directly (referred to as “felt ambivalence”) or indirectly (referred to as “potential ambivalence”). People whose pride has suffered following a defeat in sport might similarly adopt a defensive attitude: “I’m not bothered, I’m sick of rugby anyway…”. It … Attitude inoculation is a technique used to make people immune to attempts to change their attitude by first exposing them to small arguments against their position. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). (See also taste, criticism, and judgment in aesthetics.). Hogg, M., & Vaughan, G. (2005). (Hogg & Vaughan 2005, p. 150), "..a psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor" The psychology of attitude is highly related to the general selectivity of the whole organism. The second is the set of economic inducements (gifts, bribery, pay…. This is shown in a study by LaPiere (1934). An attitude is a " psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor" (Eagly & Chaiken, 1993, p. 1). Simply Psychology. Attitudes and behavior. This model is known as the ABC model of attitudes. Specific aptitude refers to potential in a particular area (e.g., artistic or mathematical aptitude)- whereas general aptitude refers to potential in several fields. For example, when people flatter their bosses or instructors (and believe it) or keep silent if they think an attitude is unpopular. Actions. Indeed, over 70 years ago, Gordon Allport asserted that the attitude concept is the most indispensable concept in social psychology. var domainroot="" This can also refer to any subjective belief or evaluation associated with an object. Implicit Attitude An implicit attitude is one where an individual's feelings or opinions on some matter exist without conscious awareness.

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