austrian silver makers marks

all these make a difference. For more details click here (under development). I was unable to identify this maker for several years, as the jewellery (mostly cufflinks) is marked only with a figural logo. I would say the letters are almost certainly makers marks rather than town marks. Now I know that my Austrian set is from Vienna. Finally, Sazikov’s list is extensive and should identify 99% of Austrian silver of the period one should come across. So by all means, work on it until it's a coherent whole, and correct things you can as you go, but I'd join the chorus urging you to publish as soon as you can -- so the rest of us can also benefit from your research! OK Here is the backmark for the T B one The IS is just way to small to try. If your on this site by definition your O/C. That by way of saying that the "IS" would definitely need to be photographed, there are a least nine IS's working at the time. 2. Special authorization can be obtained in one of several ways: by Invitation; Annual $ Donation; or via Special Limited Membership. There should also be a letter to the right, in front of her face; this letter identifies the assay office which you can find on the posts/links above. Finally, Sazikov’s list is extensive and should identify 99% of Austrian silver of the period one should come across. Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks Silver Marks ~ Germany • www . com •• www . Viennese maker's marks can be notoriously difficult to identify without a photo. New Members who show a continued willingness to participate, to completely read and abide by the Guidelines will be allowed to post to the Member Public Forums. If not, your chances of identifiying the maker decrease drastically. These forums are not open to the public and require special authorization to view or post. That's assuming that the piece is from Vienna; without the assay office code, I can't be certain. BERG, A.P A.P.Berg was active from 1958 to 1983 in Assens on the island of Funen. The outline of the Diana's head mark tells me that the spoons are the third standard of .800; there should be a number "3" to the left, behind her head, to confirm this. 1. (Though I'm always leery of such "mistakes"; assay office personnel were highly trained officials and true errors are, in my experience, rare.). 925-1000 . - for the web link. We all like it when you (and some others with accents to us yanks) show off. com •• www . 925-1000 . Serif vs. sans-serif, rounded corners vs. canted corners, periods vs. pellets . May I offer my congratulations - and thanks! 3. The mark appears to be that of Viennese silversmith Theodor Bittner (master 1857). Oh, and thank you so much, Sazikov, for the list. I’ve had a rough couple of months; sue me. com • Tardy does not list makers, and I don't have a good source. Public Silver Forums (open Free membership) - anyone with a valid e-mail address may register. Does anyone know where to find a list of Austrian-Hungarian assay offices? com •• www . For some reason, I had always assumed that Vienna's letter might be W. But I always assume too much! 925-1000 . This project has been 18 years in the making and now documents over 12,000 silver marks on 1,200+ pages and subpages. However, as he points out, the Austrian Empire was far and wide. I’ve created a web page which has, I think, the most exhaustive list of Austrian assay office codes of the 1867-1922 period. Blackstone and/or Sazakov will probably come up with the answer. profile | register | preferences | faq | search. Germany is thus in the "a" section as it would be for "Allemagne". Very nice spoon similar to one I picked up from the region. Private Silver Salon Forums (invitational or $ donation membership) - The Private Silver Salon Forums require registration and special authorization to view, search, start a thread or to post a reply. com • as a little example of the sort of information I’d like to include in my book – if I ever finish it; fifteen years and still going; because I’m a little obsessive/compulsive; and. A woman's head was a fairly common motif in several European hallmarks. . Frankly, I rather like it; it just seems so summer of '48 to me. If authors waited until everything was perfect, we'd have no books to read! Very useful, I have already bookmarked it. the 'A' mark or could they be imported via different assay offices? 'A' for Vienna, 'C' for Prague (from memory so I'm not sure), but what about the rest of the alphabet? Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks Silver Marks ~ Austria ~ Main Menu • www . I will say that this double-swell fiddle handle was most popular in the mid-19th C.; although it was passé by the turn of the century, it was certainly made well into the 1900s. I have a new magnifier with claws so will try again on the pictures. 925-1000 . I know from experience and observation that it can be hard to put an end to a book project; there always are more things that could be added or edited (I've published one monograph, several edited volumes, and dozens of shorter pieces, so I know this subject all too well). First, we need to know what city we're in. With the Diana head, there are the ciphers (1,2,3 and 4 for the alloy) and letters for the city where the pieces were assayed. And - final question - If objects were imported, did they always bear f.i. Administrative/Special Private Forums (special membership required) - These forums are reserved for special subjects or administrative discussion. 925-1000 . well, I’m frankly showing off a little. The mark is actually “AV” (“AU”) conjoined, and it, too bore various assay office letter codes in the margin; I know I have seen it with the “C” for Prague. . Bahner's mark is his initials VB, accompanied by STERLING, DENMARK His work is sometimes also linked to the company CHRISTGAU, and may bear this mark. One of the main arts in writing a book is in fact knowing when to say, enough. com •• www . I posted a comparison of Tardy and Divis a few weeks ago in the Silver Ephemera & Documentation forum, which has been suggested as an appropriate place for the discussion of silver books. Is there a book that lists these letters and cities? As for those pesky head shots... the head is surrounded by what looks like a flower, a five petaled flower. 925-1000 . It is regularly updated as we find and photograph new examples of silver hallmarks and makers' marks. If it's A for Vienna, then the maker can probably be identified. Also, I think the Austrian “A” import mark is not for the Vienna office, but indeed for "ausland". To navigate the site, it is easiest to use the green menu bar at the top of the screen. Once you have received your Silver Salon Forum password, and then if you abide by the Silver Salon Forum Guidelines, you may start a thread or post a reply in the New Members' Forum. Click here to Register for a Free password. Austrian assay office codes of the 1867-1922 period, The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects. I like Tardy, but find it is has one irritating quirk: the translator left the countries in the French alphabetical order. The "flower" part is indented and the head part is raised. Any chance you could post a photo? The mark is actually “AV” (“AU”) conjoined, and it, too bore various assay office letter codes in the margin; I know I have seen it with the “C” for Prague. I am having trouble visualizing what you describe and am wondering if it might be something other than Austro-Hungarian. If there is no letter in front of Diana's face, then it probably dates from the 1867-1872 period, and I'd surmise that the assay office code was omitted.

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