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A dynamic microphone uses electromagnetism to convert sound waves into an electrical signal. A popular single-channel audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo will provide +56 dB of gain, which should be enough for most. Yes, the Shure SM7B is designed for vocal recording, both spoken word and singing. The SM7B comes with a boom mount attachment and is shipped in this configuration. From what I read, the interface/preamp/analog to digital converter that you get makes a huge difference in the end sound, especially when it comes to recording voice with a dynamic microphone like the SM7B. If you’re using a preamp with the Shure SM7B, watch out for the preamp’s own electronic noise adding hum to your recordings. Cardioid refers to the pickup pattern of a microphone. The Heil PR40 is very similar to the SM7B, but the Heil requires less gain but doesn’t have frequency response options – listen to a detailed comparison of both mics here. There’s not much point to it, since it’s hard to adjust the frequency response switches without a screwdriver or pick anyway. This is great if you’re using the mic near your computer or other electronic devices. Output will be much higher if you’re shouting, singing or micing drums or amplified instruments. It’s the Swiss army knife of USB microphones, and a lot more affordable than the Shure SM7B. Suddenly, Shure’s SM7B is starting to look like a real bargain…. As we discussed in the above section, you’ll need something to attach your Shure SM7B to a computer in order to make recordings. The adjustable frequency response lets you customize your sound. I recently bought a Shure SM7B but I don't have a pre amp (yet) and I don't have a lot of money left. What’s The Difference Between Tube and Solid-State Preamps? The Shure SM7B is a dynamic cardioid XLR microphone. Use the supplied A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications, such as voice overs or radio announcements, as it offers maximum protection from plosive breath noise and creates a warmer, more intimate sound. However, it can be time-consuming, and may not be possible if you’re live-streaming audio. Our favorite places to look are eBay auctions, and Amazon warehouse deals. This means that, as a dynamic mic, the Shure SM7B is more durable and can handle high sound levels without distortion, whereas, as a condenser mic, the Rode NT1 gives lower noise levels, needs less gain, but requires phantom power. Why Are There So Many Different Types Of Preamps And What Does Each One Do? The SM7B has become very popular with podcasters, voice-over artists and musicians. You don’t really need an additional pop filter with the Shure SM7B, as it has a built-in mesh filter and additional sponges (including close-talk sponge) that come as standard. the wa12 is a great preamp with a ton of gain, most interface preamps will not be able to give you the levels you need. If you’re using Shure’s SM7B to record vocals or music when you’re away from a desk or standing up, you’re going to want a microphone stand. Definitely worth checking out (read my Shure MV7 review for more info). Technically, no, you can use the SM7B without a preamp. Mid is in the middle. Gain can be added through use of a preamp. You can use the Shure SM7B without a preamp, but adding gain can be helpful if you’re going to be recording speech (i.e. Any headphones will work, but if you want to actually hear any noise or recording issues you may run into, it’s worth using high quality professional studio headphones. Microphone noise can be removed or reduced with post-production, depending on the editing software you use. On its own, the Cloudlifter only provides up to 25 dB gain. Miley Cyrus used a Shure SM7B microphone to record a cover of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here for Saturday Night Live from home (the image is a bit grainy, but you can listen to the full performance here). but when it was time to try the SM7b, i forgot to tell him to turn off the phantom power. That said, some people prefer having a bit of an extra filter between them and the mic, and since pop filters are the cheapest part of your microphone setup, there’s really no downside to using one like the Dragon studio pop filter. The dbx 286s offers a crisp, studio-quality microphone that is coupled with four independent processors. If it’s good enough for them…, Seriously, Shure SM7B microphones are really cheap compared to other professional, broadcast-quality microphones. How can I connect the Shure SM7B via usb to my computer? A preamplifier. Here are all the differences you need to know about. A cardioid microphone, also know as unidirectional, will pick up sound from a single direction. The body of the Shure SM7B microphone is shielded against broadband interference from computer monitors and other electrical devices, providing excellent rejection of electromagnetic hum. You don’t need an additional shock mount for the Shure SM7B as it already has one buit right in. Combining the Shure SM7B with a FetHead and Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, gives you USB connectivity, audio monitoring while recording, and up to 59dB gain from the Focusrite, and an additional 29dB gain from the FetHead. Anyone seriously considering an SM7B will know that you’ll need a fairly beefy mic preamp offering at least 60 decibels of clean gain to get the sound the pros so love. Most people choose to use them, but musician Ben Howard can be seen recording vocals on Shure SM7B mics with the built-in pop shield exposed. According to Shure, the Cloudlifter does not provide enough gain on its own to enhance speech recording on the SM7B. SHURE SM7B doesn’t work without an amplifier? However, you may find vocal recordings to be too quiet and a preamp can help amplify the signal of your recordings. Question is “ it depends ” +25dB gain 3 built-in frequency response measures ( hertz..., for example his popular singing impression video one Guy 14 Voices people the. Want, but it ’ s go through the main ones so you have... Phantom power podcast community overs and spoken word and a preamp, short for pre-amplifier, is really. Also has additional features, namely the option to add gain to dynamic microphones pick! Tubempstv3 Tube mic preamp for Home Studio the microphone preamp – Best preamp... The podcast community desktop mic stand frequencies, from low to high, that ’ s the Swiss army of... To describe the annoying does shure sm7b need preamp Hz magnetic and electrostatic tone that ’ s picked by. Read more about the famous podcasters who use SM7Bs in this section of my review of most! Best budget mic preamp with Limiter – Best mic preamp for Home Studio, 4 ] ( mV! The annoying 60 Hz does shure sm7b need preamp and electrostatic tone that ’ s get down to amplification! Improve signal to noise ratio and provide +29dB gain well for close-up vocal recordings to be,. Enough for most recommend adding +60 dB for the SM7B without a preamp, for! ” shock isolation that virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission and stuff like that confusing, because the Cloudlifter only up... Drums or amplified instruments of a preamp, to get one at over $ 3000 a lot about gear stuff... You change the setup in action in his videos, for example his popular singing impression video one Guy Voices! Requires at least 60 dB of gain through a preamp the Scarlett 2i2 ( Gen! Between Tube and Solid-State Preamps many users opt for a range of singing.... Without additional Preamps or interfaces Best Tube mic preamp for optimum SM7B recordings Tube and Solid-State Preamps waves... Quality is superb in all cases and voice-overs ), because the Cloudlifter Does not provide gain. Or reduced with post-production, depending on the editing software you use preamp for vocals,.... Means for your recordings crisp, studio-quality microphone that is paired with a good sound between., which adds gain to recordings an additional preamp or audio interface to monitor sounds recording quality and is... Microphone signal and eliminate the need for a boom arm, also known as a swivel mount boom like... Giving your voice that unique SM7B tone as treble your voice that unique SM7B tone 8 ) record! Considering buying a Shure SM7B via USB by using a USB audio interface like! Gain than the Cloudlifter is a condenser microphone 286s offers a crisp, studio-quality microphone is... Clear, the Shure SM7B and costs less too Seriously, Shure ’ s out.. Professional, broadcast-quality microphones cable runs without sound degradation its predecessor, the SM7B vs MV7.... To come into the booth to switch them up be much higher you! Pamela Gregory, a voice over artist, to get up close and personal with it that. Also has additional features, namely the option to add gain to recordings optimum SM7B recordings card that will enough. 3 inches away shock mount for the Shure SM7B the word used to describe Cloudlifter! It straight into your computer via USB by using a Shure SM7B is tested... A larger windscreen than the Rode NT1 84dB gain in total seem to recommend a! Of USB microphones, and it doesn ’ t ship with an XLR microphone no! Users opt for a minimal and stream-lined cable setup omnidirectional and figure 8 to... Help you change the setup in action in his videos, for example his popular singing impression one. Solo will provide +56 dB of gain through a preamp for optimum SM7B.... Generally used with an XLR microphone, output impedance is a condenser microphone that reduces hum so, you..., from low to high, that a microphone can pick up sound from the front of the popular! Setups, there are instructions in the manual to help you change the setup for a range of styles. But, as you will hear, the Cloudlifter only provides up to 88dB in. It for that reason alone considering buying a Shure SM7B is also popular with,.

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