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She said, "They were babies! This comment has been removed by the author. Of course, I'm a geek, and don't pay much attention to either fashion or social approval. However, I wish there were some ways to screen for the moral, ethical, and downright practical issues surrounding the procedures.----------------I know I'm going to get crucified for this but anyway, here goes & this is just a starting point, one aspect, there would of course have to be MANY aspects to the entirety of making the end decision. I'm assuming that if it's happened on Boston Legal, it's happened in the real world. Both Matt and Amy are listed as producers. I took the step last night and watched the Hayes family and didn't enjoy it at all. I was always left with the impression that Amy was angry or mad about something the viewers aren't seeing. Think you come from a big family? It's like Jeremy is featured because he's the one that young female viewers will be interested in. I used to like Amy R. also-until I saw more and more how she sides w/her doltish kids (two of them now adults, but you'd never know it!) I think it should be illegal to put your children's lives on display.I would never expose my children like this for any amount of money. What a great attitude! And our podcast this, Jon Gosselin Asks His Children To Speak Out Amid Disturbing Abuse Allegations, Kate Gosselin Tears Into 'Violent & Abusive' Ex Jon Gosselin Over Alleged Attack On Son Collin. The reality series, which will air its first episode next month, features Karen and Deon, who have 14 children, with four back-to-back multiples. Then tell me they preferred dresses. | Perez Hilton, Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest celebrity gossip. But, they did hold hands. I'm intrigued. During the Thanksgiving show where Amy's dad came and looked all over the farm (BTW not that big and I wouldn't call that amount of acreage a farm) and said such negative things I stopped watching LPBW.However, it's obvious that Matt starts projects, doesn't finish or keep them up. As long as there's an interest in multiples, someone will try and eventually succeed. Which is a little weird-o if you ask me. I guess the politically incorrect question that weighs on my mind is: When do fertility treatments cross the line to selfishness on the part of the parent(s)? Total enrollment in high school ~140. They actually interact. Collin Gosselin REMOVED From Jon's Care Amid Child Abuse Investigation -- And Kate Is FURIOUS! I don't see myself ever going back to watching it. Do they not understand that there are not that many good jobs for people without post-secondary education in the US these days? WHO SAID it's entertaining to watch them cry and compete and generally humiliate themselves? I admire Matt and Amy for all that they have been through and think of their struggles when I am complaining about getting through a day as a healthy person. All I know is that how this matter was not handled by the parents did not set well with me. He seems very impulsive...has a lot of grandiose ideas...he always seemed to be implementing these 'grand ideas' without paying much heed to Amy's concerns. I suppose it could be that thecreal reason the adoption fell through was that they failed their social services interviews. !My husband's abilities cycle on and off all day long. They were all well posied at the Cake Challenge where they got a cake for their 16th b day.Gosselins at 16? Mom just looked tired. He seems to have always had a harder time just handling his emotions, which in my opinion should not be on film, not out of shame, but out of respect.This is such a ramblingpost... All in all, after the bit of programming I've seen, it is my strong belief that children should not be allowed on "reality" shows. They could work in burkas or diving suits or clown costumes for that matter. I really hope three years from now they aren't getting a divorce and making me regret these comments. I know they mean well and I appreciate they are trying to not only support their family but do all they can for Rebecca (the tup with special needs), but I just know how this goes. I watched the Roloff's Little People shows last nite. Why does TLC have to push this family falling apart mindset on us? If they ever were selfish they don't seem to be now. Four AP classes offered - US History, Eng. the older two boys. Well, I don't think I can write all this again because I've written it three times already and had it deleted by the moderators. She's their mother, and it's in her power. The pioneer women didn't have a choice. Maybe that's what she's at odds with Matt over. dogsandkids age for geriatric pregnancy:when I was pregnant in my 40s, the nurse told me that over 35 was considered "advanced maternal age" and over 40 was considered a "geriatric pregnancy. That whole name together just sounds stupid. But there are far more people with no fertility issues who make bad choices regarding pregnancy and child rearing too. Not all of us believe the bible was ever meant to be taken literally. It's far from the only aspect considered, but it is considered nonetheless. Only a year passed & the children were asking them to adopt them, including their biological son. It kind of just stuck after that! Imagine having to live with your annoying husband and/or wife and then having to watch it all over again and again. Seeking to do harm, BB gun or not, that's not tolerable. Finally. I would bet there is a division of work. While no one would want to force YOU to believe what they do, that certainly doesn't preclude them from believing it. I cringe every time I hear the sweet home sextuplets kids’ names. However, I'd hate to think that Matt and Amy are going to separate, but it's hard to tell how much of the stress in their marriage is really being on the show. Not giving the male gender much credit.A total under estimation of the male gender IMO.And, IF the belief was accurate, WHY is the responsibility placed on the WOMEN to keep the men in check by altering THEIR attire? (yes, so far Kate and Jon would be batting about .75) You undergo state and federal criminal/sex offender background checks. After having my mother as an example, I know that I will be a better mom to my kids than my mother ever was to me. | Perez Hilton, Is Scott Disick's New Teenaged Gal Pal Good For Him? Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, Parker Kate (all girls), Jonathan Keith and Katie "Kate" Irene Gosselin, Alexis Faith, Hannah Joy, Aaden Jonathan, Collin Thomas, Leah Hope, Joel Kevin, Blu Wellington, Layke Bryers, Rawlings McClaine, Rayne McCoy, Tag Bricker, Rivers McCall, Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah, all of the octuplets have the middle name Angel, Deniko, Dariz (boys), Deonee, Daician, Daitan (girls), Diez, Dior, Carter (all boys; Carter passed at birth), carter being the only child without a D name and passing away is crazy. No matter how I try, I just can't see it any other way. After welcoming their first two kids, Karen went on to give birth to quintuplets and then two sets of twins. My Grandma, who is a 97 year old Italian immigrant loves wearing pants (was disallowed in her youth) and thinks they are MUCH more comfortable for gardening. As Leigh Ann also pointed out, the recent practice of implanting several embryos at once or power-stimulating the ovaries now needs to be re-examined by professionals in the field--maybe because the procedures are more refined than a decade ago and work better.

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