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The Squeamish Gardners note that there are very narrow parameters which must be adhered to for the nematodes to be effective, including the timing of application, the condition of the soil, and weather conditions at the time of application. The grub ranges through a variety of depths in the soil and will only be effected by the product if it comes into contact with it. Regular watering, fertilizing, aeration and mowing will ensure a healthy lawn with a strong root system and this will be your first form of defence against the beetle. After applying the nematodes, and getting rid of the Chafer beetle infestation, you will need to fix the damage already done to your lawn. At this time the larvae are at their most vulnerable, and easiest to control with nematodes. INSTANTLY! New grubs then begin to feed on grass roots & damage to turf may start to become visible in brown, dying patches of grass. The European chafer beetle (Rhizotrogus majalis) is a new turf pest in the Lower Mainland that was recently identified in West Vancouver. They will remain within 5cm of the ground surface and predators may cause turf damage at this time as they dig up the grubs for food. Damage by animals is most severe in the Fall & Spring as this is when the grubs are rapidly increasing in size and feeding nearer to the surface. only needs to be watered-in once after application. This guidance has been tested locally by researchers and operational experts. No chafer beetles means no need to fight with nematodes and their finicky application process, no need to deal with city ordinances on pesticide usage, and no worries about damaging the environment. News Release: BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. acquires Canar Rock Products of Edmonton and Red Deer, News Release: BURNCO Landscape Centres Inc. Acquires D&J Paving Stones Plus Ltd. of Regina. If you think you may have European Chafer Beetles or chafer grubs inhabiting your lawn, you can use the following method, provided by the City of Coquitlam, to confirm: – Cut three sides of a 30cm x 30cm square (about the length of a ruler) of grass to a depth of 5cm (about 2in). As we’ll explain, those options include the use of pesticides, the introduction of microscopic organisms called nematodes, and replacing your grass with synthetic grass. Chafer Beetle in a Vancouver lawn, could have been prevented with proper lawn maintenance and care There are some very simple steps that can be taken to help limit and or control infestations of chafer beetles in lawns, unfortunately from my experience, many customers still … Similar to the European Chafer beetle, the Japanese Beetle larvae live in and feed on the roots of grasses causing damage to lawns as animals dig in search of grubs. They are safer for the environment but unfortunately less effective than pesticides and extremely difficult to apply successfully – application must be completed within a single week during the year, requires careful and complex handling of microorganisms, and may require additional watering and a permit exemption to do so. Similar to the European Chafer beetle, the Japanese Beetle larvae live in and feed on the roots of grasses causing damage to lawns as animals dig in search of grubs. Our Grub Gone package includes the following: Call us today for a free estimate based on the size of your lawn! Every chafer beetle grub that gets eaten is one less beetle to lay another 50+ eggs come summer. ), Frequently Asked Questions About New Lawns and Sod Installation, Lawn Irrigation System Installation Request, Sign Up For Lawn Maintenance Notifications, Chafer Beetle Maintenance Packages From BC Instant Lawns, Similar to the European Chafer beetle, the Japanese Beetle larvae live in and feed on the roots of grasses causing damage to lawns as animals dig in search of grubs. 8041. Apply nematodes on your lawn at a rate of approximately 50 million nematodes per 139 square metres (1500 square feet). This is an organic application, and as such will not be 100% guaranteed in completely killing all of the grubs in your lawn. Image of beetle provided by When it comes to controlling the spread of the Chafer beetle and dealing with an infestation, the use of pesticides is not permitted in Vancouver due to Bylaw No. Elimination Option 3: Install Artificial Grass. Contact us today if you’re ready for truly effective Chafer Beetle control in the Vancouver area and ready to make the switch to a maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, and year-round beautiful lawn. 9535 While it is likely that the infestation is here to stay, there are some options that can be used in attempts at European Chafer Beetle control in and around Vancouver. One of the more effective ways to manage chafer beetle infestations is through biological control, using one living organism to defeat another. These are safe to use around both people and pets, and are most effective if used in late July since the young grubs are most vulnerable at that time. Learn more…. – If more than 5 grubs per square are found, then chafer control may be necessary. Chafer Beetle Vancouver VANCOUVER CHAFER BEETLE TREATMENT: BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care is excited to announce that we have fully switched over from our previous product of Nematodes (microscopic roundworms) to a new superior product called Grub Gone. The most important thing to note about the new Grub Gone application (or any organic form of Chafer Beetle Control) is that it is always recommended in ADDITION to a healthy lawn maintenance plan. 2. Previously, Nematodes were the only natural form of defence against the Chafer Beetle Grub in North Vancouver, BC. Either of these options are ways to recover from a Chafer beetle infestation, and our staff are on hand to help with any questions you may have! Water the lawn again after the application to push the nematodes into the soil. January – March the grubs will still continue to grow as thy feed and damage will continue. Your dream backyard is still within reach! 1. This product is organic but is still expected to be around 90% effective so if done along with healthy maintenance, this will yield the best results. The Japanese Beetle is an invasive pest recently discovered in our city. Note that nematodes are not a preventative measure; their application is intended to control already existing larvae. It can also impact the beauty and health of Vancouver’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, this infestation will only continue through 2017 and beyond despite attempts at European Chafer Beetle control and especially since it is an invasive species with no natural predators in the Vancouver area. Nematodes can be applied by anyone, however the lawn must be well irrigated to ensure that there is no dry soil in the root zone. Annacis Research Centre Leasing & Booking, Metrotower III, 4730 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 0C6, consider incorporating non-turf alternatives, such as micro clover or other alternative ground covers, in your yard; and. The key characteristic to remember of the chafer beetle that will help you is: The chafer beetle does not like to implant her eggs in healthy lawns, she likes weak lawn areas to procreate. I don't know if grub poison is actually illegal in Vancouver, but I've never seen it on the shelves. Per CBC News, Merit is banned by many cities including Vancouver, Surrey, or Burnaby. This exotic pest feeds on the roots of many different plants, but their favorite feast is the fibrous roots of turf grasses. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. The user's attention is drawn to the Unlike Nematodes, Grub Gone is effective against 1st, 2nd & 3rd instar pests and therefore can be used as a curative treatment as well as a preventative one. There will be minimal damage at this time as the first instar of grubs hatch and start to feed on grass roots and the cycle just begins again. chafer beetle best management practices, developed for use by practitioners with a role in invasive species management. In British Columbia the use of insecticides (such as Merit or Acelepryn) are completely prohibited for residential use. It has been a serious pest in eastern North America for some time and was first identified in the Lower Mainland in 2001. Health Bylaw No. This low maintenance alternative also comes with a ten year warranty with Bella Turf. The first option is to take out all of the damaged sod and soil, and replace it with new. Artificial grass is the only option that eliminates the European Chafer Beetle’s source of nutrition – no grass root, no chafer beetle. The best option for Chafer Beetle Control Vancouver is the installation of artificial grass. Nematodes infect chafer grubs with a bacteria which kills them. – Cut five more squares of sod/turf in different areas of your lawn, count the grubs in each square. Vancouver's Lawn and Garden Care Experts. Two pesticides, Merit and Sevin, are typically used in the quest to get rid of Chafer Beetles. General defences are: These and other control options are described in this guide to Rejuvenate your lawn area with a program. If the grubs themselves haven’t ruined your lawn, then, as the Squeamish Gardners report, it is likely that you will have crows, raccoons, skunks and potentially other critters digging and tearing apart your lawns “leaving them looking as if they’ve been over-enthusiastically power-raked or rototilled.” While the Squeamish Gardners admit that these grub-eaters are, in a way, assisting with European Chafer Beetle control by eating them before they reach maturity, that doesn’t change the fact that your lawn has been decimated in the process. These products are not environmentally friendly & can be unsafe for kids, pets, as well as toxic to aquatics & beneficial insects such as bees and other pollinators. You are here: Home » Services » Japanese & Chafer Beetle Control. 4. This can be done by following the below steps: If you have a serious Chafer Beetle infestation most of the turf damage will typically be caused by birds and animals such as  raccoons or skunks digging up the chafer beetle grubs. The best option for Chafer Beetle Control Vancouver is the installation of artificial grass. Please find below some additional information on this new product as well as the European Chafer Beetle turf pest and how to deal with Chafer related lawn damage. Disclaimer & Copyright Notice. One of the more effective ways to manage chafer beetle infestations is through biological control, using one living organism to defeat another. Moisten your lawn well (to the consistency of a wrung-out sponge). The European Chafer Beetle (also called a chafer grub) is a beetle species that originated in continental Europe and, as reported by the City of North Vancouver, was first discovered to have invaded the Lower Mainland region of New Westminster in 2001.

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