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Never miss another collection day with the City Collect App. When Merit, or imidacloprid, is applied to a lawn, it gets watered into the soil and is absorbed by grasses and other plants — even travelling to the pollen and nectar of a plant, as well as ground and surface water, according to Health Canada. It is recommended to irrigate for 2 hours preceding the application. Reduce exterior lighting The European chafer beetle is an introduced insect to BC that has become a serious lawn pest in the Lower Mainland. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Healthy lawns have a more extensive root system, and can tolerate more grub feeding. Chafers complete their life cycle in one year which can lead to rapid population increases. Grubs live for 1-3 years before adult beetles emerge. Nemotode application is done in late July. If so, you may have a European Chafer beetle infestation. The H. bacteriophora nematode is a “cruiser” species that actively infects and kills white grubs, such as the European chafer grubs. Uniform height and colour or a real mix of plants? Alternative groundcovers Hours: 8:15 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. A Water Use Exemption Permit for nematode application is only issued during Stage 1 and Stage 2 water restrictions. "A neonicotinoid is one of the most bee-toxic chemicals out on the market," said Winston. Pay a parking ticket or bylaw notice online. A new and potentially very destructive lawn pest has been discovered for the first time in Minnesota this year. 3 Road, Richmond, British Columbia, V6Y 2C1 It has also been implicated in colony collapse disorder. They may appear in swarms and they mate like crazy usually on trees and shrubs that are close to the ground. VISION: To be the most appealing, livable, and well-managed community in Canada. If you think the European chafer beetle is in your lawn, contact the Arrest the Pest line at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Top dress with 1-2 cm of compost or lawn topdressing soil mix. Which is the mindset in Vancouver," said Corbett, who makes a living in part replacing beetle-ravaged lawns. Phone: 604-276-4398 (Pesticide Info Line) OR The application area must be well irrigated before nematode application to prevent dry soil in the root zone. To repair damaged lawns: Boulevards First instar larvae are about 1/16 inch long while the mature third instars are about 1-1/4 inch long. If you are not interested in a lawn alternative, you might consider low shrubs and woody ornamentals. Winston thinks Canada's regulations need to be tightened, and said lawn treatments would be particularly harmful to wild bees, which nest in the ground. Check with your local garden centre as some require advanced ordering for the nematodes in the spring. Get an estimate - fill in the on-line form and receive an estimate by email, Grass Clippings - Turf and Lawn Care Blog, Terrain Aeration - Specialist de-compaction for turf rootzone, The Lawn Shop - Lawn Shop for All Lawn Owners, Lawn Treatment - Lawn Treatment Service for Lawn Owners, Indigo Garden Spray Dye - Makes Garden Spray & Spraying Visible, BIGGA - British & International Golf & Greenkeepers Association, National Proficiency Test Council - Training for the pesticide industry, STRI - The Sports Turf Research Institute, Golf Course Superintendents of America - American Greenkeepers Association, Fusarium Disease - What is Fusarium Disease, Moss and its control - Understanding Moss. Feeding continues throughout the winter until they pupate in May, except during prolonged periods of freezing temperatures. It works more slowly and is somewhat less effective, but Corbett said nematodes still work more than 70 per cent of the time, in his experience. The University of Minnesota has a great information on lawn problems. In a few cases, follow up with nematodes at the appropriate time, likely in July. Find City budgets, financial plans, financial statements & reports. What is your soil like? We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Nematodes are naturally-occurring microscopic roundworms, which move through wet soil seeking out the chafer. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events in the City. And Chafer Beetles don’t like acidic soil! Info on local bylaws and enforcement policies. The adult beetles are a reddish, golden brown and are only active for a week or two each year. Explore the City's vibrant public art by browsing our online photo gallery. Water seeded area adequately to maintain moisture. Request a service related to streets, utilities, sidewalks or parks. What can I do?". They are not dangerous to humans, animals or to the environment. They become active again in spring, and in late spring, pupate before hatching as beetles in June or July. Use our interactive map to explore parks and greenways in the City. The European chafer beetle was found in a lawn in south Minneapolis this summer. Use the CityFix App to report issues you find within the City. Another option is to replace infested lawns with other low-maintenance ground-cover plants such as kinnikinnick, salal, creeping thyme, ornamental grasses, Dutch white clover or other sustainable turf alternatives. Full sun or more shady? It's used on chafer beetles in July and August — during their early larval stage — and disrupts the nerve impulses of the insects, "resulting in insects not feeding ... and eventually dying," according to Bayer. "By applying to lawns, bees that are nesting in lawns are going to die. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Turf will commonly be wilted or dead and easy to pull back, revealing the feeding larvae. After the mating period is over, you may see chafer carcasses on the ground. The City does not permit the installation of artificial turf on public property. Damage is seen in the fall to early spring when the grubs are full-grown. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). Housing, land use, grants/funding, children, youth & families, seniors + more. Japanese beetle larvae are typical white grubs that are C-shaped when disturbed. Book a public space or facility for your next event. Find info on the City's environmental sustainability initiatives. Apply or renew a business licence and access a variety of related information to start or operate a business in the City. To monitor the presence of chafer grubs in your lawn, cut a 30 by 30cm square of sod, and fold it back to count the grubs underneath. Irrigate again for 2 hours after the application and continue to irrigate twice per week for 3 weeks. Description and Identification Find out about current roadwork and construction happening in the City. It has since spread to many Metro Vancouver municipalities causing considerable damage to lawns, boulevards, medians and turf in parks. Our online service centre for processing applications, permits and licencing. Raise your mowing height to 6 to 9cm (2.5 to 3 inches), since Chafer beetles prefer laying eggs on closely cropped lawns. Find us at City Hall or locate a phone number in our directory. They're digging it up again. In order to effectively treat (or prevent) a Chafer Grub infestion it helps to understand the life cycle of a Chafer Beetle. Apply nematodes during the third week of July, Products containing the Heterorhabditis bacteriophora nematodes. Studies have shown that the most effective biological control measure is the natively-occurring nematode (or microscopic roundworm) Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. However, an exemption does exist in the city's health bylaw for using pesticides "to control or destroy pests which have caused infestation to property.". Corbett said he uses Merit on a few hundred lawns each year. © 2020 City of Richmond, Taxes & Utilities • Collection Schedule. Apply nematodes during the third week of July The use of pesticides, such as Merit, for the treatment of Chafer Beetle is not permitted in the City of North Vancouver. The problem with these sprays, however, was that there is evidence that some of the ingredients used in them is harmful to pollinators. Contact your local garden supply store in May to check on availability of nematodes. Stag beetles are uncommon and cause no damage in gardens and should be welcomed. Search through the soil beneath the grass and count the number of grubs. A landscaper who has distributed flyers advertising Merit as cheaper, easier and more effective than the non-chemical alternative — nematodes — told CBC News he offers it to customers who often have had years of frustration with infested lawns. Chafer grubs can appear similar to the larva of the stag beetle (Lucanus cervus). Find out how utility rates are calculated and view payment options. Apply, renew & pay here. If you are planting near a City sidewalk, you'll need to ensure the plants don't overhang the sidewalk and are no taller than 45cm (18"). What is your sun exposure? Find out which City Services & Facilities are open. Contact your local garden supply store in May to check on availability of nematodes. The City’s Cosmetic Pesticide Control Use Bylaw, No. A chemical insecticide that's being widely promoted to Vancouver homeowners who have had their lawns destroyed by chafer beetles is "highly toxic to bees" and should not be used, warns an SFU biologist. "But I think there is no scientific dispute at all about the fact that neonicotinoids are highly toxic to bees.". said Winston. The OCP outlines the City's long-term vision. Raise mowing height to 6-9cm, and leave clippings if possible. 141 West 14th Street Find out how you can get involved and participate in the public process. Renovating your lawn is one way of dealing with this infestation. "The real story is, how do we get past the mindset of you need a perfect lawn? Does it drain well or hold a lot of water? Even if the grass is dead, some residents opt to cover the affected areas of their lawns, with netting, fencing or chicken wire, to prevent further damage to the turf from foraging animals. This solution is labour intensive, generates a large volume of organic material to compost or dispose of, and will require you to amend your soil and wait for your seeded lawn to grow in or turf lawn to establish. Mix and apply product according to label directions and preferably apply in the evening or on a cloudy day to maximize success. Typically in Spring and Autumn. Biology and Life cycle   Will you need to rake leaves from surrounding trees? Adult beetles emerge from the soil in June and mate in swarms at dusk. These bees are extremely important pollinators in our Vancouver urban ecosystems. Find out about permits that must be obtained before your business or residence undergoes any major construction or alteration. 8041 restricts the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes and allows exemptions only where there is a danger to human or animal health or damage to buildings or structures, such as for hogweed or knotweed species. The City hosts and sponsors a number of seasonal community events each year.

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