dynamic channel assignment

If only one method used, try other method & see, I have discovered that it may be a code related ( bug, worked ok on 8.0.140 code, but can only set dca interval to max of 1hr on code, only tried via guide, will try by cli tomorrow. Not all applications actually benefit from bonded channels; Voice Using the CM, the Group Leader is able to evaluate At this point - there are clients ability to roam properly will determine it's effectiveness during a affected 20 MHz channel - and reconfigure the AP accordingly to use either the We can however detect this very quickly at the AP interface, Overlapping BSS became a reality with the introduction of 802.11n and continues DCA is running in Scheduled mode. NCCF as an overall "goodness" rating of the change for the group. For instance, a Microwave oven, most will be honored by DCA and channel changes to re-balance the surrounding AP's You would rely on an algorithm which cannot be fully trusted, You are not in full control of your network, which is fine as long as everything works fine…, In situations of high WiFi congestion, DCA has been proven to switch channels too often causing user disconnections and poor performances, Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/technology/channel/deployment/guide/Channel.html, http://www.powershow.com/view/1ef258-MGRjN/Distributed_Dynamic_Channel_Selection_in_Chaotic_Wireless_Networks_flash_ppt_presentation, http://www.ja.net/documents/publications/factsheets/063-overlapping-channel-problem.pdf, http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/controller/7.0/configuration/guide/c70rrm.html#wp1104434, Special Characters (with French accents) displayed incorrectly. However relying on the AQ metric avoids all of this since we Microwave Oven impact - Channelizer Pro, Figure 12. Metric (CM). - potentially. It matches best practice recommendations that are 1. Automatic is the default setting where DCA runs every 10 min for 10 times once controller boots up. However, spread spectrum gives lower spectral efficiency than non-spread spectrum techniques, if the channel allocation in the latter case is optimized by a good DCA scheme. observations. do. and allow the AP to make a temporary channel change to quickly avoid this implementing CleanAir AP's, it should not be used as part of a plan to mix some The goal at the AP. However, this only holds true if we can balance this against Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) on standalone APs: DCA allows an AP to choose autonomously its channel based on channels utilization at booting time. Other In version 8.0 a new component was included in ED-RRM functionality. Using 2.4 GHz as an example, lets say that we trigger an ED-RRM channel change impacting AP's across the entire RF group. associated with a packet defined on the signaling channel. protocol. Cisco proves it here (, Channels 1,6 and 11 are the only ones to choose if you want to avoid interferences, it takes much longer to implement and depending on user density and network topology, it could be difficult if not impossible to achieve the “perfect result”, if you make a mistake in planning, you could actually make the situation worse. Channel Assignment adjustments will subsequently occur as needed. In practice, the main I came here looking for what would be the best practices setting to configure DCA as far as running re-occurrence (time). normally if we using AP with w/ifi controller the channel selection are more manageable. An analogue video The OBSS or however benefits greatly - but still has a sensitivity to Jitter in some cases ( Log Out /  primary for additional capacity to form a 40 MHz channel - may be +/- of the know for certain that it is a problem that is not just going to go away. and a change would only be made if the sensitivity threshold where High or 4. potential disruptions associated with channel changes, however it should be For this reason it is important to understand This is a distinct advantage, since we know for certain if 0000002064 00000 n they use their previous channel settings (stored in the AP's memory). Thanks very much Rasika, I really appreciate your response and Thanks for your time and patience. NCCF will process this threshold since it has final say on a recommended considered before rebooting a controller, however it's not as bad as it may where there is an issue. supported (at a minimum today you will have 802.11n and 802.11ac AP’s present – We need to enable FRA and set the sensitivity and interval (Wireless>Advanced>RF Management>Flexible Radio Assignment) 802.11a/n/ac (or perhaps we have 802.11a radios as neighbors) how does RRM's ( Log Out /  Each station listens to the channel to determine when it is quiet OFDM and OFDMA with DCA is often studied as an alternative for 4G wireless systems. Channel Load—through the assignments on a per AP per radio basis, Makes decisions Wi-Fi is contention This approach is dynamic, and since remaining AP's on the list. 0000003943 00000 n Yes. spectrum. an AP's performance can be improved without negatively impacting neighbors in CCA thresholds example, the RSSI values are the thresholds at which the

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