easy cheap diy storage bed

The cabinets would certainly have a double life, bed platform and storage. OSB does not have the same strength as plywood, is very susceptible to ANY kind of moisture(not talking intimacy, but rather moisture in the air, spilled drinks, etc), and even though it does not apply in this instance, has a rougher texture than plywood. Maybe the distance in the middle is closer than it looks. 7. (They were signs for a political campaign. 2. *Tip:: If you want to paint your modular bed cabinets, check out "mistake paint" at the hardware store. I can foresee this being the storage bed of choice for a lot of college students! 6. Well done on being creative, though. 5. See picture. 5 years ago 8 years ago Here's what I did. First, I looked up what others had done for building a quick bed to get ideas. I drag a lot of books around. New 2 x 4s or 2 x 6s with plywood or OSB combo (ruled out because of budget, sawing, & screwing) Guess what won? 6 years ago What you're looking for is similar widths, because you'll be laying the cabinets on their sides. 2. You built something, saved a bit of the earth by using salvage, and you now have a real bed to sleep on, with storage, that you made for about $23 dollars. 12. I have a 3/4 bed that I want to use in a project. And smmiller506, yes definitely ""If it's time to move, take everything back to where you originally found/bought/"appropriated" it from."" I put our camping gear in that space. I captured the process with my iPhone. Urban camping is fun for awhile, but we needed a change. simple; cheap(inexpensive); easy build;....I love it! Unlike plywood, OSB is made of slivers of wood all glued together....plywood is made of sheets of thin wood. 2. This is what I have learned the hard way from experience. Congratulate yourself! No one has a frame of that size and I had rather spend the $150 on something else. When he wen… Lay down the floor protection if you have hardwood floors. I've actually had OSB fail on me this way before, but because of a different activity. (Bike transport possible if you have a bike trailer!) Being nomads means we've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few months. Simple to Dismantle - For fun, I also decided to see how I could get away with out drilling or nailing stuff together. on Step 3. Pallet wood is cheap and easy to find. 9. I don't know the stress loads of OSB but any "extended" activity in middle of this might cause the OSB to fail. :) Any way, I'm going for cheap chic. And underneath the bed is definitely one of the perfect locations to utilize in order to create some room. 6 years ago True, with a bed already owned, one can use totes or fabric cubes or boxes. This was so encouraging to find as I hunt for a studio and fret about where everything will go. Thanks for sharing your tips! Hardwood Flooring Pieces:: Pick up a few pieces to lay underneath the cabinets. Transform their room with these DIY bed plans for a platform storage bed. Reply I have SO little storage this will be the perfect project! Platform Top:: Pick pieces of plywood or OSB large enough to span the cabinets. Throw your mattress on top of that. This would be a good idea if I ever decided to do it! If Nomad is the concept I'd think you'd be better off selling those books and keeping your reading materials in e-format, like a kindle or amazon app on your tablet. Here were my design protocols for the bed building project. 8 years ago Arrange the cabinets however you want. 5. Reply Katie said in the opening paragraph their mattress was on the floor, so there was no bed to begin with. But I did have an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. There's this guy who put a mattress on top of his file boxes. Great idea! Thus far, I have only been using bed raisers which help to elevate the bed by a few inches good enough for me to squeeze in some storage boxes which are clearly still insufficient. My other half and I are nomads currently living in Boulder, CO, til we figure out our next move. If you guessed old kitchen cabinets, score one for you, my friend!

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