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My boyfriend proclaimed it the best thing I have ever made! Looked like pumpkin pie, only savory and better! I llove the food processor for dough too. Not having that handy pasty blender doo-dad, just used the food processor for combining the butter and flour. Thanks! Mmmm. It was not quite as tasty as the ovo-lacto version, but still incredibly indulgent vegetarian fare. We headed upstate last year for the weekend and stayed at the most sigh-worthy B&B–where every window is ringed with tiles of stained glass and a man named Richard makes you amaretto-brushed French toast on Sundays–and made a point to get back there this year. I used yogurt and will always do this now. but i want to know, did you try it with the apples and cranberries? Looking at making two of these for a big Thanksgiving shindig (to be appetizers and a main for the 3 vegetarians). ), and it had everyone clamoring for more. Store in air tight container in fridge or freezer for up to a month. This recipe will definitely make more appearances at our house, and I may even one day find a butternut squash! Our guest even said he’s always thought he disliked squash, but he loved this dish. Again, success! It was amazing!! I made 2 smaller ones and one of them was more than enough for 2 adults. Will use the extra for an apple galette tomorrow. It was lovely, and worth the bowl-intensive-ness. I like the cookbook’s version of doubling it, to maximize leftovers. Can’t wait to try some of the other galettes! It does not freeze and bake well :( The filling was mushy and watery for some reason, and it just does not look the same / appetizing! at your numerous galette recipes. I lost my pastry blender in our recent move and was just improvising, but I think I’ll be grating butter from now on! Too delicious. This will be in rotation and I’m already thinking about using the dough for hand pies and other savory yummies! Glad I was sitting down! Throw it all in your food processor and hit pulse a few times.”. Really lovely tart, and the roasted squash mixture was delicious on its own! A keeper for autumn parties! i did it! I forgot to add that I also put in diced apple with the onions – great texture and complementary flavor! it was absolutely perfect. (I actually subbed ACV for the lemon juice.) : ). I used a red onion, which I suggest as it adds a beautiful purple accent to the dish. I’ve used in twice. and no time! Because filling was cool, I didn’t have the crust-melting problem I’d had earlier. Filling was divine but the galette was a disaster. I met you at the Mid-Manhattan library signing! . Imagine how good it would’ve been if I’d actually followed the recipe! My dough was suspiciously wet but I persevered and— wow. we’re having a few days of decidedly fall weather so, for a change from cold wraps & salads i’m cozying up and roasting things… like chicken and root vegetables. I made this for a ‘friendsgiving’ a little while back and it won out over the turkey and allllll the trimmings…. (oh and as an aside, my sister made your chocolate banana bread on the weekend OMG!!!!!). Thank you for the email/newsletter that showed me this butternut squash & caramelized onion galette. “mull over all of its cider”…I love your writing, Deb. oh man, this looks fantastic. PERFECT. It was my first experience making a “real” pastry, and it turned out well! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. dried thyme and 1/2 tsp. Thanks yet again :). Thank you :). I think it would be delicious, even without the cheese. I love good crust, and this recipe is terrific, flaky and tasty. Loved Loved Loved this recipe and made it this past saturday as I spend every sat. 1/4 teaspoon salt 8 tablespoons (1/2 cup or 115 grams) unsalted butter, cut into I made this twice in three days for company. Worked great. I usually divide the dough into four parts and make little galettes. While I find the cayenne to be lovely, I have used paprika when my niece is eating over. Looking at your photos again I’m also realizing that I took the onions a fair bit darker during the caramelization step, no regrets. I was a bit worried about the dough because I made it yesterday and it was incredibly hard when I took it out of the fridge today, making it a pain to roll out, but it all worked out in the end.

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