knight of void

In short, the Knight could exploit that which is hidden, or, more correctly, the properties that make secret things hidden. A fully realized Knight of Void could create a massive barrier that exists outside of spacetime. This could also stretch to hiding important objects in a similar fashion. “Exploit” includes, but is not limited to, weaponization of the aspect and protecting/aiding others with the aspect. By higher levels they would have a way of slipping away. Void Knights are members of the Void Knights and followers of Guthix.During the Pest Control minigame, players must protect a Void Knight from the onslaught of pests.While not playing Pest Control, players can talk to Void Knights to spend the commendation points they have earned.. A Void Knight may occasionally appear at Manor Farm, asking for help with a medium Farming Guild request. Protecting and battling through nothing sounds like Equius, using no weapons to do battle with the monsters of the game. Latula had an instinct for laws, Dave had an instinct for Time travel, and Karkat was just a natural socialiser for his team. FOR ASKS: Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. Its interesting to note that Knights seem to be better fighters in the start of their games, than their other co-players. Their session lacks the shadows of the unknown, and some secrets must be kept. Sealed objects would resist any interaction. They can also exploit obscure or hidden things and secrets to their advantage. Both of the following beings are forms that The Knight takes during two endings of the game, and are considered to be an advancement from the first form to the next; as the Void given Focus is to happen after the Void given Form becomes “ascended” through Godhome. This could include weaponizing secrets (as in using secrets about others to hurt them) and protecting others using secrets (perhaps keeping an important secret or ensuring that an important secret STAYS a secret). They could possibly move from place to place through shadows For example, the Knight of Void would be able to exploit secrets. [Once again, sorry about the wait. It plays a major role in Hallownest's history and in current events. Physical contact would be difficult and the object would be muted as well. ]. One more Homestuck Mythological Role analysis blog. As the Knight progresses they’ll excel in materializing their weapon, summoning it quicker and learning to control it over distances and even learning how to teleport it. They will require a tangible handle or some other totem to focus their materialization (like a necklace or ring). Follow/Fav Knight of the Void. Void is a substance that is generally found in the Abyss. Void uses spatial manipulation to counter the Skull Knight's attack. from a higher, unnoticed vantage point. They’ll be able to shape void constructs onto it, allowing themselves to modify their weapon in a myriad of ways without requiring any resources. Definitely a stealthy sort. It is the most mysterious aspect of all, as to understand it means you need to understand nothing. Both are similar but with varying attributes. So, the Knight of Void might be able to exploit “nothingness,” or the absence of things. !”, Void - Aspect of nothingness, Like most Void players, I would imagine they would berather prone to existential crises, and would also have doubt in their ownabilities. “Exploit” includes, but is not limited to, weaponization of the aspect and protecting/aiding others with the aspect. A good example is Karkat(Knight of Blood) being in a session where nearly everyone hates each other. The Knight of Void … Abilities Covert ops. But this isn't their story. 1, weapons with a sense of “nothingness” about them, like a gun without bullets or a sword without a blade. straight up armor. This space would exist between the lines, a shadowrealm overlay of a certain area. secrets/ignorance, so I would imagine them fighting maybe in the shadows or In almost every case, the Knight’s lack of abilities and reliance on regular combat will leave them still being powerful, but not to the same extent as the others. Maybe? But this isn't their story. All Void players have a way to conceal themselves, but none are quite as tactical as the Knight’s. The Knight of Void would be able to hide the breeding process from all until it was over, or until he or she was defeated. A Knight of Void would use and exploit either their own or other people’s indifference, unawareness or ignorance to their own advantage. Players with this aspect tend to have a darkness around them that protects them from detection. It’s up to the Knight to keep their nosy friends from seeing through the veil of madness and dark natures. If they have a long range weapon it wouldn’t require ammunition, they could crystalize nothingness into more. Minor themes of ignorance, secrecy, darkness and null. guy. Test or (4). Void- major themes of nothingness, obscurity, and the Void. 3, Weapons with a theme on the horrorterrors. Follow/Fav Knight of the Void. Because it is the Knight’s job to defend secrets, especially those of his teammates, he or she would have extreme powers of secrecy, and possibly even deception. Their session lacks the shadows of the unknown, and some secrets must be kept. “… Where the hell did that guy Yeah I know, unoriginal. as well, as a more passive sort of ability. even know where they are. Your oppositions are the Bard and Light players. of outer “shell” or façade hiding their true selves. Knight – one who weaponizes his or her aspect, and in doing so defends the aspect for his or her teammates. The Knight of Void is the one who wields the Void, the furthest ring, the essence of nothingnesss, secrets and darkness as weapons to protect the team. One who equips themself with obscurity, secrets, and the Void so that they can protect secrecy and darkness. A Knight of Void would use and exploit either their own or other people’s indifference, unawareness or ignorance to their own advantage. They might They could change their weapon into many different forms, able to use the “unknown” strife kind, allowing them free reign over the type of weaponry they can create. Knight of Void The Knight is an active exploitative class, which means that the Knight actively exploits his/her aspect to benefit him/herself. – rogue of light (Hey guys I’m one of your admins, I specialize in classpect analysis so feel free to hit me up about this stuff <3). 2 – Weaponizing secrets and mystery - for the Knight of Void, this may mean that the knight has the ability to use secrecy and mystery as  a weapon of defense.

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