last of us 2 leaks spoilers video

I'll probably still buy for the gameplay but it's going to be wierd at the point your on about. Now i cant unknow.... @DonJorginho If its of the same magnitude of what the original, and I mean original draft for what part one was before it went basically the "zombie" route then I wouldn't worry as you all a seem to have liked the first one. This game will still sell gangbusters and will come out whenever Sony decides the best time for that is. The last of us 2 gameplay تسريب لعب ذا لاست اوف اس (1) - Streamable Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop. Don’t give the people what they want if you tell something meaningful. And wth is with these people saying they are not buying the game anymore because of the leak!? If I could get some reassurance that it isn't so bad, I would take the plunge. No more warnings. I had a 1 hour and 35 minutes backup just in case. Even this comment section isn't safe anymore I guess... What was the reason for the ex dev leaking it? Out of respect for Naughty Dog and the game, we’re not going to host or link to the videos here, but rest assured these are legitimate and reveal huge plot points from the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

You have just made me upset haha. Either be an advocate for people to be treated well, and accept that game delays will take place, and also take a lot longer to be completed. @Jomac3db From what I've heard, apparently it was one designer (not sure if studio employee or freelancer) furious at ND over a payment dispute. The first half sees you playing as Ellie, while the second one features Abby, who was first introduced in a trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 back in Paris Games Week 2017. That's it. The story beats and themes, while absolutely a tired pastiche, could have been interesting in a video game if this game where not a sequel. Still have my physical preorder at GameStop and all. You need an open mind for this one. But there's always a certain amount of pretentious overexageration about the impact of this. I’ve no idea what they’re going to do now. Sorry to hear that. I have my theories on the story. :-/, Sony definitely need to put out a statement about this. I will keep this article updated with any new videos I find, and I will also look for video hosts that won’t blast the entire video with Ads. Fingers crossed it's all swept up soon. What I find particularly piquant about the whole treatment of employees and postponements argument is that you can't have your cake and eat it. It forgoes likability, logic, and player expectation, for themes, messaging, and subversion (that I spoiled myself on to be fair), and I dislike that a lot. I know some are upset about the delays and these spoilers but that’s not an excuse to fill our comments with nonsense. Unlike Last Jedi where I was 1st out the cinema door in frustration, @Tha_Likely_Lad I really hope you enjoy it, I do think the gameplay looks really great, and I will play it after a while.
I am not a fan of the last of us. No way I am clicking (pun intended) on anything with TLoU2 in its title till the game lands on my PS4. This isn't the first time that The Last of Us: Part II footage has leaked, and it looks like it won't be the last. But honestly, what do you expect when you put a game on an indefinite hold after people have already spent their money on it? Add to my favorites. Even the ending was leaked on the internet, but I can’t find it yet [lol]. @Grindagger you're goddamn right buddy, so much hypocrisy with people "crying" about crunch. Beware! So like, does Ellie’s mother still have a part in this? However, the story comes off like a really bad fan fiction that s**** all over the first game and it's characters. Drama and shock value just for the sake of it.

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