mexico 2019 human rights report

The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Violence against Women and Trafficking in Persons in the Attorney General’s Office is responsible for leading government programs to combat domestic violence and prosecuting federal human trafficking cases involving three or fewer suspects. In July authorities in Chihuahua rescued 21 men who had been kidnapped and forced to grow marijuana and poppies, allegedly by the Sinaloa Cartel. The law provides for eight paid public holidays and one week of paid annual leave after completing one year of work. You can use this tool to change your cookie settings. The new platform was scheduled to be operational by the end of the year. According to Freedom House, “No significant advances were made to investigate” illegal surveillance that took place in 2017 via a sophisticated surveillance software program, Pegasus, presumably targeting human rights defenders, anticorruption activists, and prominent journalists. Observers noted it also increased the likelihood of work-related illness and injury. In March, the Mexican Social Security Institute launched a pilot project, ordered in 2018 by the Supreme Court, to guarantee access to social security for domestic workers. Conflicts arose from interpretation of the self-governing “normative systems” laws used by indigenous communities. In both cases the victims reportedly lived in unsanitary conditions, worked excessive hours under the threat of dismissal, and received subminimum wage payments or no payment at all. In June an accident involving an industrial press in Nuevo Leon caused the partial amputation of four workers’ arms. Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon gave an interim statement on the human rights situation in the FCO’s 30 human rights priority countries for January to June 2019. 27 February 2020 | AI – Amnesty International. As of September authorities had not investigated or made any arrests in the January 2018 killing of three persons and arbitrary arrest of 38 persons in La Concepcion, Guerrero State. Of the 32 states, 17 followed this legal procedure to strip officials of immunity. NGOs reported no changes in the mental health system to create community services nor any efforts by authorities to have independent experts monitor human rights violations in psychiatric institutions. Pretrial Detention: Lengthy pretrial detention was a problem. Media outlets speculated the charges were politically motivated by then governor Miguel Angel Yunes, who was under investigation by the state attorney general for ordering the murder of former mayor Maricela Vallejo Orea on April 24. The law provides criminal penalties for corruption by officials, and the government took steps to enforce the law more effectively. Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: Inequalities in Human Development in the 21st Century. Mexico is a multiparty federal republic with an elected president and bicameral. The Secretariat of Labor is responsible for enforcing labor laws and inspecting workplaces. Only contributions submitted in one of the United Nations official languages are admissible and posted on this webpage, Letter by the High Commissioner to the Foreign Minister:  English | Environmental activists continued to be targets of violence, a majority of them from indigenous communities. As of September none of the individuals in the video–including Carlos Gomez Arrieta, then head of the Federal Investigative Police; Ezequiel Pena Cerda, a federal police officer; or Ariel Castillo Reyes, from the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR)–had been charged. After a series of appeals, in August 2018 the federal judicial branch upheld the substance of a federal court order originally handed down in 2017 and confirmed in May 2018. The Presidential Commission for Truth and Justice in the Ayotzinapa Case was formally inaugurated in January. In December 2018 Congress also approved a constitutional reform, which came into force in March, to increase the number of illicit activities for which the government can seize assets, including acts of corruption. Section 2. Respect for Civil Liberties, Including: a. The defense may argue, among other things, that the accused did not receive proper due process, suffered a human rights abuse, or had his or her constitutional rights violated. Although the constitution and law provide for an independent judiciary, court decisions were susceptible to improper influence by both private and public entities, particularly at the state and local level, as well as by transnational criminal organizations. Nor are they consistently providing information about and access to health care for asylum seekers with disabilities or chronic health conditions. There were reports of journalists practicing self-censorship due to threats from criminal groups and government officials. In October, the Congress of Puebla also rejected a legal reform. 189). The constitution grants the president the authority to use the armed forces for the protection of internal and national security, and the courts upheld the legality of the armed forces’ role in undertaking these activities in support of civilian authorities. The government disestablished the Federal Police at the end of 2019 and the Army was tasked with assessing members of the Federal Police to determine whether they were fit to serve in the National Guard or should be transferred to other federal bodies, such as the National Migration Institute. Bail is available for most crimes, except for those involving organized crime and a limited number of other offenses. Women and children were subject to domestic servitude. In comparison with the 2012 elections, there were 10 times more killings of 2018 candidates. Labor recruiters enticed families to work during harvests with verbal promises of decent wages and a good standard of living. LIBERIA 2019 HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Liberia is a constitutional republic with a bicameral national assembly and a democratically elected government. A constitutional reform passed in February increased the number of crimes for which pretrial detention is mandatory and bail is not available, including armed robbery, electoral crimes, fuel theft, and weapons possession. The government continued its efforts to strengthen freedom of association protections, promote union democracy, and improve the ability of workers to bargain collectively. The government demonstrated its prioritization of labor reform through its commitment of budgetary resources and its regular issuance of implementing regulations to bring the new laws into force. Forced labor persisted in the industrial and agricultural sectors, especially in the production of chili peppers and tomatoes, as well as in the informal sector. State and municipal laws addressing domestic violence largely failed to meet the required federal standards and often were unenforced. “I can still feel the dirtiness of what they did in my body,” she said. INEGI estimated 57 percent of the workforce was engaged in the informal economy during the year. Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Human rights defenders and journalists were harassed, attacked and killed. At least 10 journalists were killed. On August 13, she was taken into custody pending criminal proceedings for her participation in an embezzlement scandal known as “Estafa Maestra,” arguing she was a flight risk. In particular, in Matamoros, Mexico, as many as 1,500 migrants are living in a tent encampment near the Brownsville port of entry amid deteriorating medical and sanitary conditions. The law also provides for the rights of appeal and of bail in most categories of crimes. The secretariat also began the process of having workers review and vote on the collective bargaining agreements under which they work following the procedures for free and fair elections under the new labor reform.   |   Under the accusatorial system, judges conduct all hearings and trials and follow the principles of public access and cross-examination. Investigative police, prosecutors, public attorneys, and forensic personnel from the state prosecutor’s office allegedly colluded in committing and hiding torture during that period.

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