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Thirty-fourth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, NeurIPS Thirty-fourth The NeurIPS policy on dual submissions applies for the entire duration of the reviewing process (i.e., from the submission deadline to the notification date). To submit supplementary material, first upload your submission. Evaluation criteria: Submissions that violate the NeurIPS style or page limits, are not within the scope of NeurIPS (see subject areas), are in submission elsewhere, or have already been published elsewhere may be rejected without further review. invited talks by leaders in their field. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Dual submissions: Dual submissions will be identified via a combination of automated methods and human (reviewer, area chair, senior area chair, program chair) judgment. As an additional step to make NeurIPS content accessible to those unable to attend the conference, authors of accepted submissions will be required to provide a link to all the following accompanying materials by the camera ready deadline: Algorithmic contributions should have at least an illustration of how the algorithm might eventually materialize into a machine learning application. ; June 2, 2020 -- Important notice to all authors: the paper submission deadline has been extended by 48 hours. Toronto Paper Matching System and OpenReview: NeurIPS uses the Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS) and OpenReview in order to assign submissions to reviewers and area chairs. Use 10 point type, with a vertical spacing (leading) of 11 points. However, note that your submission to CMT must be always anonymized regardless of whether a preprint has been released. In 2018, the abbreviation was changed to NeurIPS. Typical NeurIPS papers often (but not always) include a mix of algorithmic, theoretical, and experimental results, in varying proportions. Organizing Committees » The core focus is peer-reviewed novel research which is presented and discussed in the general session, along with Reflecting its origins at Snowbird, Utah, the meeting was accompanied by workshops organized at a nearby ski resort up until 2013, when it outgrew ski resorts. The purpose of the Neural Information Processing Systems annual meeting is to foster the exchange of research on [9] Past lecturers have included: In NIPS 2014, the program chairs duplicated 10% of all submissions and sent them through separate reviewers to evaluate randomness in the reviewing process. workshops, which are smaller meetings focused on current topics, and provide an informal, cutting edge venue for Friday - Saturday are the Subject areas are listed below in brief, and in full here. It will not be possible to modify the author list nor the author order after the abstract submission deadline. [11][12] Regarding whether the decision in NIPS is completely random or not, John Langford writes: "Clearly not—a purely random decision would have arbitrariness of ~78%. background on current lines of inquiry, affinity group meetings, and the opening talk & reception. These papers will not be further reviewed, and authors will be notified immediately. NeurIPS 2020 Program Chairs, Hugo Larochelle From 1987 until 2000 NIPS was held in Denver, United States. ... Impact Factor for Top Journals of Computer Science and Electronics, 2015; Authors will be asked to confirm that their submissions accord with the NeurIPS code of conduct. Double-blind reviewing: The reviewing process will be double blind at the level of reviewers and area chairs (i.e., reviewers and area chairs cannot see author identities) but not at the level of senior area chairs and program chairs. Submit at: Authors will have the opportunity to submit code together with their paper, as per the Code Submission Policy. While theoretically grounded arguments are encouraged, it is counterproductive to add “decorative math” whose primary purpose is to make the submission look more substantial or even intimidating, without adding significant insight. will not result in rejection. All authors are required to register in CMT and fill out a reviewer profile form by May 14, 2020. Authors are required to provide an explicit disclosure of funding (financial activities supporting the submitted work) and competing interests (related financial activities outside the submitted work) that could result in conflicts of interest. The general If you need to cite one of your own papers that is in submission to NeurIPS or elsewhere please do so with adequate anonymization and make sure the cited submission is available for reviewers to read (e.g., if the cited submission is available as a non-anonymous preprint, then write “Author et al. Conference organizers considered abandoning the conference name[4] because of a slang connotation of its abbreviation, NIPS, with the word nipples and as a slur against Japanese. The NeurIPS meeting was first proposed in 1986 as NIPS at the annual invitation-only Snowbird Meeting on Neural Networks for Computing organized by The California Institute of Technology and Bell Laboratories. Reflecting this multidisciplinary approach, NIPS began in 1987 with information theorist Ed Posner as the conference president and learning theorist Yaser Abu-Mostafa as program chairman. Submissions that are identical or substantially similar to papers that are in submission to, have been accepted to, or have been published in other archival conferences, journals, workshops, etc. Social Aspects of ML: AI Safety; Fairness and Accountability; Privacy Over the years, NeurIPS became a premier conference on machine learning and although the 'Neural' in the NeurIPS acronym had become something of a historical relic, the resurgence of deep learning[7] in neural networks since 2012, fueled by faster computers and big data, has led to impressive achievement in speech recognition, object recognition in images, image captioning, language translation and world championship performance in the game of Go, based on neural architectures inspired by the hierarchy of areas in the visual cortex (ConvNet) and reinforcement learning inspired by the basal ganglia (Temporal difference learning). The first NeurIPS Conference was sponsored by the IEEE. Because of the rapid growth of NeurIPS, all authors and co-authors are expected to be available to review papers, if asked to do so. The conference is currently a double-track meeting (single-track until 2015) that includes invited talks as well as oral and poster presentations of refereed papers, followed by parallel-track workshops that up to 2013 were held at ski resorts. In order to provide a balanced perspective, authors are required to include a statement of the potential broader impact of their work, including its ethical aspects and future societal consequences. More information can be found at, May 20, 2020 -- To all authors: in the event that there are technical problems with CMT during paper submission, please check here and on Twitter (, Apr 17, 2020 -- Notice to all authors: the submission deadline has been extended by three weeks. Note that slicing contributions too thinly may result in submissions being deemed dual submissions. Regardless of scientific quality or contribution, a submission may be rejected for ethical considerations, including methods, applications, or data that create or reinforce unfair bias or that have a primary purpose of harm or injury. Authors should take care to discuss both positive and negative outcomes. Moreover, we encourage authors to upload their code as part of their supplementary material at submission time in order to help reviewers assess the quality of the work. The Thirty-second Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) is a multi-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that includes invited talks, demonstrations, symposia and oral and poster presentations of refereed papers.

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