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As we step bewildered into the bright sunlight of the fading afternoon, shell-shocked from the unexpected outlay of cash on items that we really didn't need (but can't live without), one more bargain awaits us, ready to soothe our spirits and fill our bellies: The $1.50 hot dog and soda combo at the Costco food court. These hot dogs are not organic or natural in any way but one good thing is the first ingredient is beef. The fat and salt probably definitely contribute to the tastiness. Sean and pretty much any man I know, all love these. “This new plant-based protein salad, I know that excites you,” Costco Chief Executive Craig Jelinek commented at a shareholder meeting in January. 3. Well these are them! Inspiring feelings of shame and inadequacy in lesser hot dogs everywhere, the first thing you notice about Costco hot dogs is their size. There's not a lot to be confident in, in this crazy, mixed-up world, but the ingredients in the hot dogs at the Costco food court aren't a bad place to start. Weighing in at more than a quarter of a pound (or four ounces), this is a hot dog that eats more like a meal. I decided I must post Sean’s favorite hot dogs for anyone wanting to make the hot dog fans they know very happy! Have you ever had a Costco 1.50 hot dog? Nutrition: 0.5/10 (I gave it 0.5 due to the 16 grams of protein per dog), Convenience: 8/10 (comes in a big pack so we have to freeze ours, requires cooking, but it has directions for microwave), Cost: 9/10 ($13.99 Canadian for a 15 pack and these are BIG hot dogs), Do you live in Western Canada and shop at Costco? As you might expect, Costco isn't making a ton of money on their $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. Representing one of the best fast food values in history, this quick-service snack is there for us when we are at our emotionally lowest point in the shopping trip: Wondering how we'll pay the rent this month, but confident that at least we'll never have to buy Magic Erasers ever again. Ask any armchair expert about the wisest way to stretch a dime into a dollar, when it comes to food budget and maximizing your caloric intake at the lowest possible price, and most will give you the same answer: You've gotta work your free topping game to its maximum possible potential. Bargain-basement hot dogs are unholy chemical mashups of spare chicken trimmings, discarded scrapheap organs including ground-up livers, kidneys, and hearts, and apparently at least 2 percent of the time, traces of human DNA. Their argument isn't totally without merit: Lots of hot dogs are made with some sketchy ingredients, which probably wouldn't even legally qualify as food in some more evolved societies. I recommend eating these in moderation like having it to look forward to after you waited in line at Costco for an hour. Now, the member-based retailer’s menu, as well as its increasing number of vegan and organic retail options, seem to point toward a healthier future for the chain. Just one sale of a big-ticket item instantly wipes out the losses on hundreds or even thousands of hot dogs. According to recent sales data, Costco sold more than one million of the Don Lee Farms burgers in just the first 60 days after the burgers launched. “We’re known for that hot dog,” Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal stated just a decade ago. These hot dogs are not organic or natural in any way but one good thing is the first ingredient is beef. I do not recommend one individual eating these regularly, like daily. Browse around our pet food and supplies section at Costco, and you’ll find a variety of items designed with your fur baby in mind! According to the company's explanation in their own magazine, the Kirkland brand hot dogs you'll get at a Costco food court today are "10 percent heavier and longer than the old," and they're a better quality hot dog. The good news about these? Costco steams both their hot dogs AND their buns, resulting in a perfect package of hot dog eating bliss. We've all been there. Questionable meat isn't the only problem plaguing competing value-brand hot dogs; many of them are loaded with additional chemical additives and stabilizers, which may be why you can eat them after they've sat opened in the fridge for months, as long as you rinse the fur off first. Left in the wrong hands, the ingredients in the humble hot dog can start to sound a lot more like a chemistry experiment gone awry, than an actual food product intended for humans. Boom: Just one more human interaction, and you've magically transformed your basic dog into a three-course extravaganza of additional texture, flavor, and zero-cost calories. It's juicy, and there's a satisfying snap with every bite.". The burger appears to “bleed” much like market leader Beyond Meat’s popular Beyond Burger. Costco Takes Meat Hot Dogs Off Menu to Make Room for Vegan... LIVEKINDLY Collective Raises $135 Million to Launch Vegan Meat Global, The Impossible Burger Is Coming to Canadian Supermarkets, McDonald’s Puts Plant-Based Pork on the Menu, Waitrose Launches the UK’s First Vegan Cheese Fondue. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In fact, the company loses money on every combo sold, to the tune of more than 100 million hot dog meals each year. If you think 100 percent beef hot dogs with no fillers, weird additives or by-products for just a buck is already the best deal in snacking you've ever heard of, try hopping on a plane and exploring some Costcos overseas, because that's where tweaks to the formula start making things even more interesting (and delicious).

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