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Atropurpurea The original Purple-leaf plum, 'Atropurpurea' displays ruby-colored new leaves … Proper pruning tools include hand shears, pole pruners and pruning saws. It’s hard to pinpoint a real ornamental tree definition, since many trees are grown just as much for their fruit as for their appearance. To prune your ornamental plum tree correctly, follow a few simple rules. The Newport Flowering Plum looks amazing when planted as a centerpiece in a garden or flower bed, but this tree requires no accompanying plants, bushes or shrubs to make a statement. Aphid infestations are rarely lethal and it’s possible to reduce aphid populations without pesticides. Ornamental trees are prized for their foliage and, above all else, their flowers. The purple-leaved plum tree is a dramatic ornamental tree. What Are the Diseases of the Ornamental Flowering Plum Tree? © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Fixing Plum Trees with No Fruit. For the totally natural way, remove the flowers from the tree by spraying them with a strong stream of water from a garden hose when they begin to senesce. It flowers in the spring with small pink flowers. The Flowering Plum tree is very pretty small ornamental tree. Three main types of plum trees are grown in home gardens: the American plum, European plum and Japanese plum, which is the type most commonly grown for its fruits. But flowers often lead to fruit, which leads to a very important question: are ornamental tree fruits edible? A precursor to domestic plum and cherry trees, purple-leaf plum trees were named for their fruits before the modern edibles were cultivated. Flowering Plum Trees. If you’re looking to plant a tree that’s both spectacular and tasty, a few varieties include: All of these offer fantastic ornamental flowers in the spring, followed by rich, high yielding fruit in the summer. Function: Disease resistant tree; August fruit with smooth texture and superb pear flavor. You can also spray the tree with a product containing the hormone ethephon by following the directions on the label. Green-leaved forms exist, but the most ornamental forms have dark purple leaves. Sign up for our newsletter. This tree has ovate, bronze or purple leaves and tolerates a mild amount of salt spray. Pruning a plum tree serves two purposes. While these trees are bred not to bear fruit, they may, in fact, produce a small amount of fruit anyway. Purple-leafed plums, in particular, rarely yield high amounts of fruit, as they bloom early in the spring before pollination is in full swing. Also known as cherry plum or myrobalan plum, flowering plum (Prunus cerasifera) is a small to medium-sized ornamental tree native to Asia. In fact, a new trend is cropping up in showcasing tasty, high yield fruit trees … Flowering Plum Tree . As the fruits mature, questions concerning their edibility often arise.Fruit from ornamentals, such as crabapples and purple-leaved plums, are edible. In fact, applying broad spectrum insecticides kills beneficial insects that prey on aphids, including ladybugs, lacewings and parasitic wasps, which naturally appear in response to the aphids’ presence. in natural resources from Michigan State University and an M.Ed. from Shenandoah University. The flowering type may develop small edible hard fruit but it is only of interest to the birds. You will probably want a purple leaf variety. Apple Trees. My flowering plum has made fruit this year. It is planted most often for its deep reddish-purple leaves and white to pale pink flowers, which are among the first to appear in spring.Although it is short-lived compared to other trees, it grows fast and is great for use as a specimen, street, or shade tree. There are two distinct kinds of plum trees. Useful in all areas of … Fruit from ornamentals, such as crabapples and purple-leaved plums, are edible. Plum trees (Prunus) that do not produce plums are known as ornamental, or flowering, plum trees. Purple leaf plum, a medium-sized deciduous tree, is a popular showcase plant in landscapes. Flowering Plum Tree Facts. Provide good irrigation and a fertilizing program appropriate for fruiting trees. It grows up to 25 feet tall at a rate of about 2 feet per season and makes a good privacy screen. Is fruit from ornamental trees good to eat? There are fruit-bearing and nonbearing (such as cherry, pear and plum) fruit … These trees include: The edible ornamental fruits of these trees have not been bred for their flavor and, while completely edible, are not very pleasant eaten raw. Flowering Bradford Pears - Growing A Bradford Pear Tree In Your Yard, Flavor King Plums: How To Grow Flavor King Pluot Trees, Red Baron Peach Info – How To Grow Red Baron Peach Trees, Plant Donation Info: Giving Away Plants To Others, Easy Garden Gifts: Choosing Gifts For New Gardeners, Mixed Container With Succulents: Succulents For Thriller, Filler, and Spiller Designs, Non-Flowering Bleeding Heart: How To Get A Bleeding Heart To Bloom. There are steps you can take to prevent the problem of no fruit on plum trees. A wonderfully versatile deciduous tree. What Insects Cause Knots in Tree Branches? Ornamental trees, such as crabapples and purple-leaved plums, are planted in the home landscape for their flowers or colorful foliage. These trees were selected for their ornamental characteristics rather than the eating quality of their fruit. Some trees, however, are bred as ornamentals and produce fruit more as an afterthought. Flowering plums have been bred for their colorful foliage and attractive flowers. Victoria Weinblatt began writing articles in 2007, contributing to The Huffington Post and other websites. To control aphids, spray them off with water using the stream setting on your garden hose nozzle and prune out heavily infested leaves and stems. The non-fruiting or ornamental plum trees are referred to as flowering plums. Ornamental plums are somewhat susceptible to wilt and leaf -spot diseases, aphids, caterpillars and other insects that typically attack fruit and nut trees. The American plum tree i… The Flowers on My Pear Tree Are Turning Brown & Falling Off, Cal Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Flowering Plum -- Prunus × blireana, University of California at Davis Integrated Pest Management Online: Pests in Gardens and Landscapes: Quick Tips -- Aphids, Purdue University Department of Horticulture: Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, University of California at Davis Greenhouse: Material Safety Data Sheet -- Florel Brand Growth Regulator, Cal Poly Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute: Selec-Tree Right Tree Right Place, University of California Davis: Invasive Species List and Scorecards for California.

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