peter the great westernization

However, sharp class divisions, including the already tragic fate of serfs, only deepened. Peter also taxed many Russian cultural customs (such as bathing, fishing, beekeeping, or wearing beards) and issued tax stamps for paper goods. Holland and England’s naval forces impressed Peter and inspired him to finish his naval studies in England, after which, King William III presented him with a magnificent yacht. The rebellion was easily crushed, but Peter acted ruthlessly towards the mutineers. He also commanded all of his courtiers and officials to wear European clothing and cut off their … As a result of this war, Russia gained vast Baltic territories and became one of the greatest powers in Europe. It was administered by a lay director, or Ober-Procurator. How about receiving a customized one? The old Russian calendar was replaced with the Julian calendar that the rest of Europe had adopted.5 Even Peter’s portraits were decorated with western imagery, drawing inspiration from the Romans in its allegory to emphasize his strength and power. just create an account. Peter the Great introduced the system in 1722 while engaged in a struggle with the existing hereditary nobility, or boyars. His visits to the West impressed upon him the notion that European customs were in several respects superior to Russian traditions. 1st Jan 1970 Before his departure, he instructed his Boyar council to gather twenty thousand men to build a town and harbor on the shores of the Sea of Azov. The formal conclusion of the war was marked by the Swedish–Hanoverian and Swedish–Prussian Treaties of Stockholm (1719), the Dano-Swedish Treaty of Frederiksborg (1720), and the Russo–Swedish Treaty of Nystad  (1721). After Poltava, the anti-Swedish coalition, which by that time had fallen apart twice, was re-established and subsequently joined by Hanover and Prussia. Its naval academy, Peter’s most successful technical school, was taught by British instructors. However, until Peter’s reforms, the church had been relatively free in its internal governance. The person in charge of the senate was given the title “ober-procurator,” and was a direct agent of the tsar. One of Peter’s major goals was reducing the influence of the boyars, who stressed Slavic supremacy and opposed European influence. At this… The overwhelming number of serfs made it difficult to form an industrial free labor force that could develop the new technologies. The climate was an obstacle to economic progress because it caused lower standard yields of crops than those in Europe (Lincoln 87). A Student Organization of St. Mary's University of San Antonio Texas, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, St. Mary's University, Department of History, St. Mary's University, Department of Political Science, St. Mary's University, Center for Catholic Studies, St. Mary's University, The Learning Assistance Center, St. Mary's University, Louis J. Blume Library Services, St. Mary's University, STRIVE Career Center, St. Mary's University, Academic Technology Services, St. Mary's University, Alfred the Great and The Battle of Edington, Alan Turing: His Mathematical Turning Point with Enigma, US-Colonization and Settlement (1585-1763), US-Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s), US-Civil War & Reconstruction (1850-1877), The Complicated Process of Seeking Asylum in the United States, Tus idiomas te definen, mentalmente hablando, "Faugh A Ballagh," Clear the Way for the Irish Brigade, The Old Spanish Trail in Southern Arizona, The Artistic Duo: The Inspiring Story of Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Fairest?

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