predator prey chain

stream Predator-prey relations refer to the interactions between two species where one species is the hunted food source for the other. Predator and Prey A predator is an animal that hunts other animals for food. Depending on the species, tuna are the second fastest species in the ocean, therefore a feared predator… In order to maximize the life force energy harvested from the death of living fleshly creatures, Energy Parasites were introduced into the genetic network of links in the planet earth’s food chain in order to further engineer the predator-prey behavior. A plant can also be prey. Tuna generally migrate frequently. There are literally hundreds of examples of predator-prey relations. Additionally, the representation of the cannibalism of Christ that is made through violent religion, was intended to defile the original androgyny of the Eucharist lightbody created by the progenitor of the human species, and thus became introduced through the NAA manipulated version of Christianity. Decomposers feed off dead plants and animals because decomposers cannot make their own food. [1], Technological Extraction of Earth’s Life Force, There are literally hundreds of examples of predator-prey relations. Every member in the food web is a predator, prey or both. Predators and Prey Target To understand the terms predator and prey. Thus, through mind control and social engineering programs they developed genetic modification that would yield the maximum energy supply, based upon intense sexual release and emotional release, as well as producing the greatest levels of fear and suffering in living creatures. Most tunas are "warm-blooded." predator - snapping turtle prey - perch 2. The predator-prey food chain manipulation has also been used in many human war and holocaust timelines, to maximize pain and suffering that is fed off of by the same parasitic extradimensional entities. A snapping turtle in a pond eats a small perch. Tuna generally migrate frequently. A predator is an animal that hunts and eats other animals, and the prey is the animal that gets eaten by the predator. However, through the intended introduction of multiple species genetic alterations made into the human DNA to create hybrids, they were intentionally creating slaves on the earth. x��[ݏ�x�]N��8�b��a�d�����HQ�(/�N��ɉ�D���C�g���gjvoɚ��Ϫ_U����}#�ҍL����oW���ǿ ~]�_a�������/7��?�F9}s��J����g�hi�oZ��7oW��w6[#�W:��n�Ji�]��J����F +��� �r*�>.��aʚ6�� ݣ_�l�V�ZG�^Bg�kׯ���2�������f�E&cg8�pY�?��p _�Y�y� D�}�V� �]l�Z8!��y�w�!Z!-��De�C��+���+���?����N?n^�QklH�sB�K��x��Ңk�V #�nuH�q�F��p��%�ò]06�b�f�i�R-���������`�;I���߭ë�-�Кz� � Look at the food chain below: grass rabbit hawk The shows the direction of energy flow in the chain. Predator and Prey A predator is an animal that hunts other animals for food. In the context given, this is generally considered as an insult to infer that earth humans are genetically inferior, that we have been mixed with cast offs and criminals from other worlds, and therefore should be classified as slaves. They prey on a variety of smaller fishes, squids, and crustaceans. They developed alien machinery that is designed for the technological extraction of earth’s life force, and as a result to protect the energy that is harvested, they have methodically cultivated a consciousness prison on the earth to maintain control over their primary food-energy source. Predator–Prey Relationships Introduction. %PDF-1.2 Examples of Predator Prey Relationship Conventional Predator. They grow rapidly and live for only a few years. The predatorial insertion into the top of the food chain was used to genetically mutate human DNA over the dark cycle, in order to harvest more energy from the predator-prey archetypes when living creatures and people were killed. During the exact moments that bombs go off to kill an assortment of people in a terrorist attack, there are swarms of entities waiting right there ready to feed. At the top of the food chain, predators prey on herbivores or other predators.

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