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When you choose to give public holidays, domestic helpers will usually say that you follow the "red calendar" and they will definitely be grateful that you grant them a few extra days a year. Statutory holidays are different from general holidays. Most employers grant Sundays as the weekly rest days because that is also when they are off work. Talenox is a free cloud-based HR software that allows users to upgrade to SUITE accounts. So, we’ve written an overview of the different statutory leave types and requirements that are available in Hong Kong, starting with Annual Leave. How do you handle the 713 legislation for hong kong where average pay has to be used for commission staff on leave payment, We usually take the past 12 months of payroll processed in Talenox, in order for us to compute the Average Daily Wage (ADW). An employer who has filed for an extension of stay with immigration should note that this vacation leave will then have to be provided within 365 days when the domestic helper has to leave Hong Kong due to immigration arrangements. Human Resources News, technology advancements, best practices. Start Digital with DBS! This … The Immigration Department requires domestic helpers to return to their home country before a new visa is issued and the new contract commences. Hong Kong Annual Leave. Manage your employee profile, leave balance, timesheet, payroll, taxation, all in one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If he fails to do so, he must notify the employer at least 5 days before the leave commences. Whether it is paid or not can be agreed between you and your employee. For detailed info on how to use the Leave app on Talenox, we’ve put together a visual guide! We also remind employers that their helpers should not perform any duties on their rest days such as cooking breakfast before she leaves home or doing the dishes when she comes home. However, whether this is paid or unpaid vacation leave depends on the terms agreed upon in Clause 13 of the standard employment contract. Maternity leave will commence on the date of confinement if it occurs before the scheduled maternity leave. Browse around or search for a topic you’re keen to find out more about! A domestic helper may perform these duties voluntarily, but do discuss this with her to ensure that she really is doing it out of her own will and not because she feels obliged to do it as she is living at the same address. The employer must then arrange a replacement holiday within 60 days before or after the statutory holiday. It contains useful information on all the Talenox apps, statutory regulations in Hong Kong, as well as pricing and subscription information. You may refer to chapter 4 of the concise guide published by labour department for more details: You do not have to give your helper a day off on public holidays, but you are free to do so. Rest days do not have to be regular, i.e. A domestic worker is entitled to a paid annual leave after every 12 months with the same employer. We advise employers to discuss the arrangements when they pay the wages so that there is one specific monthly moment when issues like these are discussed. After working on statutory holiday, employer and employee must arrange another day of leave as a substitute. Sunday is a very busy day in Hong Kong Central district for Filipino domestic helpers, and in Causeway Bay district for Indonesian domestic helpers. Our engineers are also building a direct integration from our Leave module to Payroll module to automatically calculate the ADW for Maternity, Paternity, and Sick leave. If an employee has been employed for fewer than 12 months, the calculation is based on the shorter period. The government will be responsible for the additional 4 weeks’ maternity leave. a) select a period of 12 consecutive months as the common leave year for all employees e.g. Also, workers cannot accept payment in lieu of annual leave, unless the length of the leave is more than 10 days. The first day of January; Lunar New Year's Day; The second day of Lunar New Year; The third day of Lunar New Year; Ching Ming Festival Employees may use the  granted pro rata annual leave before the start of the next common leave year or allow it to be brought forward. Employees employed for under 12 months in the common leave year receive their leave entitlement on a pro rata basis, rounded up to a full day of leave. This is commonly referred to as the ‘red calendar’. We’ve also created a section on our Knowledge Centre solely for our Hong Kong users. You’ll enjoy a 30-day trial and $720 TALENOX credits that helps pay for your subscription post-trial. We’ve written a detailed guide on Annual Leave requirements and applications. All employees under continuous contract for more than 12 months are entitled to annual leave. Read more about Paternity Leave in Hong Kong here, Good to Know: Working on Statutory Holidays. “ Good to Know: Statutory Leave Types in Hong Kong ”. An employer must not compel an employee to work on a rest day except in the event of a breakdown of machinery or in any other unforeseen emergency. 1 Jan to 31 Dec, or. Talenox is fully integrated with Xero and Quickbooks, and is always updated with country-specific employment regulations. The 12 statutory holidays are: For the exact dates for this year, please refer to Dometic Helper Statutory Holidays 2020. The paid annual leave granted must be a continuous period of time. There are 12 statutory holidays and 17 general holidays in Hong Kong. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unlimited Leave Policy: Land of the Free, Home of the Idler? Talenox is a free cloud-based HR software that allows users to upgrade to SUITE accounts. Employers may: Say hi to us at, a) select a period of 12 consecutive months as the common leave year for all employees e.g. They usually go to church or to the mosque, they gather to have lunch together, they remit money home, they do some shopping. If the worker is terminated before she is entitled to take the annual leave but has already worked for 3 months under the contract, the domestic worker is still entitled to the paid annual leave. In Hong Kong, an employee entitlement to paid annual leave increases progressively from seven days to a maximum of 14 days according to his length of service and is entitled to paid annual leave if employed under a … Your commission staff will be able to get their ADW calculated for their leave payment very soon. Here are some Read more. 1 Jan to 31 Dec, or. In Hong Kong, foreign domestic helpers are entitled to leaves under the Employment Ordinance, including: Every employer must grant their domestic helper a rest day for a continuous period of at least 24 hours every 7 days. It’s the quickest way to manage payroll and leave, and store precious employee details from one central dashboard. Check out the Talenox guide to Maternity Leave in Hong Kong, Good to know: Notice Period for Paternity Leave. Referring to the Employment Ordinance, all employees should be entitled to a number of rest days, statutory holidays and paid annual leave during employment. We’ve written a detailed guide on Annual Leave requirements and applications. Domestic helpers usually prefer to be off on Sundays as well, as there are many activities scheduled all over Hong Kong on Sundays. Employers only need to give statutory holidays to domestic workers, but we encourage you to give general holidays to your domestic worker. Leave Strategies: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Ways We’ve Seen. Good to Know: Sick Leave Payment Calculation. If you like your helper to work on a statutory holiday, you must give your helper a 48-hours notice and offer her an alternative holiday either 60 days before or after the statutory holiday. On rest day, employee can abstain from work for 24 hours. The first 2 years, the number of holidays are 7, after which one more day is added, with the maximum days capped at 14. Talenox is FREE for the first 6 MONTHS when you apply for a new OCBC SME Banking account. A helper should take her paid annual leave within the 12 months after they have been granted after consultation with the employer and confirmed by a written notice that is given at least 14 days in advance.

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