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“So there is certainly no case today to impose further restrictions on Oldham beyond the prohibition of social gatherings in the home,” he added. Please give it a minute to finish loading. Putting Oldham under lockdown based on coronavirus case numbers is 'incoherent and unsustainable', a ... Story continues. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Think of what that means. It means that the crash-push for vaccines should be abandoned. Heneghan said ministers had got it “wrong” by looking at the problem solely on cases. The lockdowns did MUCH more harm than good! There was a room up ahead and in the room there were nine doors. And everyone, including the elderly, should be keeping up their immune systems by well-known means that are not costly to implement. Adults could introduce story problems with a large group of three and four year olds. In this video he is describing how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. It could be estimated from data on deaths that had occurred in Italy in the preceding several months. The True Story of 'Hidden Figures' and the Women Who Crunched the Numbers for NASA. They say “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. When Leicester was locked down on 29 June it had an infection rate of 135 per 100,000. Change ), Faulty FDA Paper on Aluminum in Vaccines Safety, Many COVID Cases Might Not Be Infectious; CDC Backtracks About “Airborne” Coronavirus, Studies: Adequate Vitamin D Can Reduce COVID-19 Risks, Faulty FDA Paper on Aluminum in Vaccines Safety, COVID-19 Cooked Numbers and Lockdowns Based on Fraud. See a few other number stories from June 2002. In my view, the worst of the worst: Governors Andrew Cuomo, Charlie Baker, Gretchen Witmer, Chris Sununu, Gavin Newsom, and Mayors Marty Walsh, Eric Garcetti, and many others, of course. He added a better way was to use figures based on how many people arrive at hospital seeking treatment, noting other areas of the country have higher numbers than Oldham. See illustrated stories from South Australia (May 31, 2002). And while the CDC and the states’ “public health” departments have been exaggerating the number of actual COVID 19 deaths many times over all these months now, most of the deaths on the list were of other causes. A Spooky Number Story One stormy day I was playing with two balls. He said their approach was “highly targeted, it is proportionate, and we believe that the case is made to continue what we are doing, to see if we can then create a further decrease in the coming days”. They say that anyone who calls the number will die within a week in some type of accident. There is no dire need to rush an untested vaccine into production and inoculate large numbers of people. Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, told BBC Newsnight that the government should let test and trace do its job before considering a lockdown. I walked through the six metre high door and saw seven coats behind it. There are lots of pictures on this page. Heneghan said the virus was still circulating at a low level and the best course of action would be to let the area’s test and trace system do its work. Mr. R.'s fun multiplication facts math stories starring the Number Thief- the little guy who used to try to take numbers from my math homework! However, shenanigans and improprieties have been going on. See illustrated stories from Macao (June 2006). It is a very real threat for Oldham, make no mistake at all, but we are resisting it strongly for all of the reasons that I’ve set out today,” Fielding said. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. See lots more number stories from November 2000 - May 2002. Pinterest. In Agile software development, the Fibonacci scale consists of a sequence of numbers used for estimating the relative size of user stories in points. The individuals should have every penny of their net worth turned over to those they harmed financially and prison sentences for those where it is proven the lockdown and associated orders caused physical injuries including death. They bounced out of four windows and into the five storey haunted house next door. Twitter. Fielding said cases were mainly spreading through households with the borough suffering from crowded living conditions and high levels of deprivation. Oldham councillor Sean Fielding told reporters on Wednesday that a local lockdown was being considered by the government. In Japan, the number 090-4444-4444 was known as “Sadako’s Number”. As Robert Wenzel of Target Liberty reports, the Justice Department is launching an investigation of the states whose governors ordered nursing homes to take in COVID patients without properly separating the COVID patients from the existing nursing home residents which would have protected them. If you call the number, you are supposed to be able to hear some strange, creepy noise. And people need to be held accountable! ( Log Out /  While telling the story of three unknown space heroes, Hidden Figures also … Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Michael Rozeff, a blogger on the blog, writes: As long ago as April 12, the overstatement of deaths was already recognizable. Booker worked on the book for thirty-four years. This is a decrease from 109.7 in the seven days to 8 August. He said: “If I look at the number of people in hospital right now there are about 1,250 across the Pennine Trust, only nine of them actually have COVID in a bed today.”, Read more: Children may carry more Covid-19 in systems than previously thought, “And so when you focus on cases you get this wrong and there’s a threshold in this where you’re talking about 0.0005 of the population you’re going to bring in lockdown measures and I think this is incoherent and unsustainable.”. Figures for the seven days to 15 August showing a rate of 83.1 new cases per 100,000 – one of the highest in England. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. See more illustrated stories from South Australia (June 5, 2002). Click here to check out our section of math story problems.

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