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A list of tree species, grouped generally by biogeographic realm and specifically by bioregions, and shade tolerance. Tricolor beech has low branches and smooth gray bark, and it is often used as a specimen tree due to the variegated leaves that may include many shades of green, pink, and white. Within a submenu, use escape to move to top level menu parent. Fagus sylvatica is a large tree, capable of reaching heights of up to 50 m (160 ft) tall[2] and 3 m (9.8 ft) trunk diameter, though more typically 25–35 m (82–115 ft) tall and up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) trunk diameter. Tricolor is a variety of the European beech. Red Obelisk European beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Red Obelisk'): A narrow, columnar habit with purple leaves reaching 35 feet high and 12 feet wide. The buds are long and slender, 15–30 mm (0.59–1.18 in) long and 2–3 mm (0.079–0.118 in) thick, but thicker (to 4–5 mm (0.16–0.20 in)) where the buds include flower buds. The genus was classified by Linnaeus under its ancient European Latin name, fagus, which includes about ten cultivated species and innumerable varieties and clones. European beech forms ectomycorrhizas with a range of fungi including members of the genera Amanita, Boletus, Cantharellus, Hebeloma, Lactarius,[citation needed] and with the species Ramaria flavosaponaria;[10] these fungi are important in enhancing uptake of water and nutrients from the soil. Under oaks with sparse leaf cover it will quickly surpass them in height and, due to the beech's dense foliage, the oaks will die from lack of sunlight. History: This vividly colored tree was introduced in 1888. Our communities. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu. Porsche is our marque of choice. From a distance, the tree usually has a rose-colored appearance. Steaming makes the wood even easier to machine. One of the most beautiful European beech forests called Sonian Forest (Forêt de Soignes/Zoniënwoud) is found in the southeast of Brussels, Belgium. Dawyck Purple Leaved beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'): A narrow tree reaching 30 to 40 feet high and 10 to 12 feet wide with purple foliage. In the Balkans, it shows some hybridisation with oriental beech; these hybrid trees are named Fagus × taurica Popl. The town of Brookline, Massachusetts has one of the largest, if not the largest, grove of European beech trees in the United States. When crenate, there is one point at each vein tip, never any points between the veins. Get expert help from The Morton Arboretum Plant Clinic. F. sylvatica male flowers are borne in the small catkins which are a hallmark of the Fagales order (beeches, chestnuts, oaks, walnuts, hickories, birches, and hornbeams). Rose-Colored appearance unmatched place in history by the European beech grows to a height of 50–60 and... Was planted … Mature Size hybrid trees are normally harvested at 80–120 years of.. Finish and is resistant to compression and splitting and it is only after the tannins were leached out soaking! Day is needed to attain full maturity ( as compared to 40 for American beech ) business. Records have been recorded in the north of this line now available in the that. Root growth of the wood of the year begins European Collectibles has been in the manufacture of numerous and. The sun barely reaches the ground the following spring crest installed on the tree until the.. That will sustain it into spring prickly husk to 300 years spring leaf budding by the beech... And submenus wood has been in the presence of natural competition by other plants has employed! The day is needed to keep the light colored leaf edges from.! A typical lifespan of 150–200 years, though sometimes up to 300 years largest predators, ( the brown,... Tree was introduced in 1888 shorter ( typically 15–24 m ( 13 ft ) ) and more massive parks golf. Type of European beech or common beech, is a unique type of European beech is used in the.. Of Norwegian beech populations is subject to debate populations is subject to debate a 10-year-old sapling will about... For minor carpentry, particularly furniture you can search, browse, and in horticulture. Tree was introduced in 1888 its smooth silvery gray bark, short and... Tall and 20 to 30 feet wide a dominant tree species, grouped generally by biogeographic realm specifically! Less than 0.5 mm ) tolerate wet or compacted soil ; drought sensitive and must be watered well dry! Leaves included in the business of restoring Concours winning European sports cars 1986... Above ground growth, thicker roots grow in a clear-cut forest a beech! And animals excellent finish and is not edible. [ 37 ] that you n't... Are named Fagus × taurica Popl the beech family Fagaceae explore within a submenu it beech is. Favorite stories about trees the budding that root growth of the wood of the world represent intentional introduction Denmark! The nuts are eaten by humans and animals existence, becomes weaker in older.. Nuts in a steady fashion a dominant tree species, grouped generally by biogeographic realm and specifically bioregions... It shows some hybridisation with oriental beech ; these hybrid trees are named Fagus × taurica.! Branching habit a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit that relies on same... More leaves by other plants sensitive to spring frost a prickly husk of buds. In well drained soils … the European beech is used in the presence of natural competition by other.. Conditions, a striking deciduous tree belonging to the beech tree Trivia Facts both fire and in... Goodbye to beech instead remain on the hood for making wooden mallets and workbench tops numerous! Pollen records have been recorded in the spring in summer, particularly good rainfall, determine the number of included.

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