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explanations. © 1998-2020 Teflnet Heads means that they can ask their question to one other person in their group, but tails (= tell) means that they must answer their own question. Discussion questions I will have danced. birthday party, retirement, exercise and window shopping). However, teachers can enhance the experience of learning verb tenses with hands-on, interactive and fun activities. She/He/It will have danced. The four future tenses are the simple future tense, the future progressive tense, the future perfect tense, and the future perfect progressive tense. The formula for the simple future is will + [root form of verb]. No, I won't have. Making the choice to use "will" or "going to" is difficult for many ESL students. The Future Perfect is constructed this way: The We will have walked. Expand on this exercise by asking students to set goals for the grading period, school year, or even for their future beyond school. Practicing the Simple Future Tense. This page contains examples of the future tense and has an interactive and printable exercise worksheet. Oliver and Alfie decide to enter a bike race. She will have studied English for six months by the time she leaves for the United States. Of course, not all of these components need be taught in the same lesson. Read Write Think: When I was Young—A Literature to Language Experience, Read Write Think: Action ABCs—Learning Vocabulary With Verbs. Jen will read that book. is an excellent textbook for helping prepare Future Perfect lesson We will have danced. What is Future Tense in English? Students pick one word or topic (either their own choice or random, depending on how you want them to play the game) and then make a future question from it. “You are having a birthday party this weekend” (arrangement), “You aren’t going to bother with a birthday party this year” (plan) or “Your family will probably arrange a surprise party for you” (prediction). Tenses in English language are expressed with the help of certain verb forms. There are four forms of the future tense. For the distinction between “Going To” and “Will”, check out this video from our friend Phoebe. Students can then use “going to” for the first sentence and “will” for the latter. I will have eaten. Have students talk about their future plans to introduce and teach future tense. all of these components need be taught in the same lesson. I will have talked. We will have eaten. This lesson focuses on providing context for students so that they can understand the basic difference between something that is planned for the future (use of "going to") and a spontaneous decision (use of "will"). She/He/It will have walked. Biography, memoir and personal narrative reading selections often include many different kinds of past tense verbs. A student picks one and guesses whether their partner already has an arrangement or a plan, or can only make a prediction. The same is possible for any pairing of future tenses. They can make any question they like, e.g. You are free to use my materials in your classes. You should also include some that are a bit more risqué like “remarry”, “bet” and “holiday romance”. She/He/It will have talked. These include words such as: now, currently, usually, frequently, seldom, rarely and never. This is generally a good tactic, as students need to get used to using the Present Continuous for arrangements (which might have been avoided or mistaught in their previous classes) before they can start contrasting it with both plans and predictions. “I don’t have any plans but…”) Most answers will need to be imaginary in order to match the available tenses. Instructions We have different ways of talking about the future. You can change up this game by acting out the verb yourself. Create a set of action verb cards. Give students a list of topics and vocabulary that can be connected to the future, e.g. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages. A professional educator in Texas, Lynn Wolf began her journalism career in 1993. When students start new ESL classes, the teacher often has to Students will probably need some help with the original questions (e.g. Once the students finish this part of the exercise, ask them to highlight all of the future tense verbs they used. You can exploit this by asking students to respond to every future question with a different tense in this way. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. The easiest and most fun video predictions task is a well-known one – pause the video and ask the students to predict what happens next. I just ask that you include my website address on handouts. Plans and spontaneous decisions hindering game What is the verb to be “To Be” is a verb which shows a state of existence. Teach past tense through reading and writing exercises. Future Perfect lesson plans are appropriate for advanced English language learners and, possibly, for high intermediate students. to master. someone being about to bump into something) and the consequences are also possible to predict. Actually Future … While “kick” is present tense, we may not always use the verb in that particular form. As every English learner knows, tenses include past, present and future. I use it regularly with my high intermediate and advanced It has exercises and excellent Discuss the concept of the future and point out the future tense verbs students used in conversation. If the time clause Future forms. The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachersEngland • since 1998, The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachers. This activity can help students avoid difficult conversations like those in Actually above by choosing a tense that is more probably right in their questions. !i’ll put them on practice! Make simple tense mini-books. Plan/arrangement/prediction Future Perfect Tense. So if your focus is teaching ESL/EFL students the proper conjugation, it may be best to use regular verbs first. How to Teach The Future Continuous Tense? “Are you going to try to give up smoking again this year?”) and some sentence stems for the answers (e.g. Students in elementary and middle school learn to use past, present and future tense verbs for speaking, reading and writing purposes. This is decided by a flip of a coin. - Debra, Sitemap | Contact | Privacy Policy | About, All material on this website is copyrighted (© 2007-2020). Teach students to identify and use action verbs in sentences and reading selections. So by the time students leave the class, the teacher may not have had Examples: I am a student. Lesson plans for the Future Perfect tense should include (1) conjugation, (2) form, and (3) function(s) of the tense. After their partner has confirmed which one it is, they then try to make a true sentence in the right tense, e.g. Introduce adverbs that allow students to recognize and use present tense verbs. You will have danced. Overall, ESL students have trouble using this tense easily and Fire up your imagination and take trips to the past, present, and future with these cute (and free) printable armbands. examples with the subject pronouns I, you, he/she/it, they and we. uses a verb, it will use the Present Simple tense. *Note: "Have" is sometimes added to the Short Answer form; e.g., Yes, I will have. Read a selection aloud to students and allow them to write down each past tense verb they hear. The future tense is the verb tense used to describe a future event or state of being. You can use this for a mix of both “going to for predictions with future evidence” and “will for predictions” by picking moments where the present evidence is clear (e.g. For more controlled grammar practice, students can then fill in gapped versions of the same questions or example answers.

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