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February 8, 2018 at 2:04 am . Reply. Ab 1974 wurden die Gardedivision… Later, Soviet authorities wanted a tank with greater nuclear survivability and firepower. Nach dem T-44 ist das Objekt 430 eines der beiden Fahrzeuge, das euch einen anderen Spielstil zeigt, als man es von sowjetischen mittleren Panzern gewöhnt ist. In current meta, it is widely considered to be among top 3 best tier IX mediums. Maximum possible: 0.369 m, With 50% Crew: 3.097 s These prototypes were tested by the factory and were also underwent comparison tests with another experimental Soviet tank, the Ob'yekt 140. Follow link to see the screenshot. When affected by 100% Relaying: 577.5 m Nominal: 9.7 s A prototype of this medium tank was developed from 1953 through 1957 to replace the T-54. You can find more details on my previous article, for now, full details on Object 430U. Both and Max Crew %: 7.68 s. Standard Gun 100% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. Sowjetische mittlere Fahrzeuge mit Großkaliber-Geschützen sind auf dem Schlachtfeld kein üblicher Anblick. Most tanks that face the Object 257 will be able to penetrate this area easily. Rammer: 8.37 s Soviet authorities wanted a tank with greater nuclear survivability and firepower, so in 1961 the project was discontinued in favor of the Object 432. The only other viable weak spot is the cupolas on top of the turret. It is an excellent tank, even bad players can sometimes do well in it and in hands of skilled players it can be godlike. Reduziert den Streuungsmalus während des Fahrens. Later, work on the IS-6 tank was stopped, and the development of the project was discontinued. The vehicle never entered service. The Object 430 is drastically different to its two brothers, but by no means weaker. Dennoch wurde das Objekt nie so beliebt unter den Spielern wie der T-62A oder das Objekt 140. The most damage I think ive done in it is somewhere 7-8k, yours? © 2011–2021 Wargaming.net. World of Tanks - Panzer miteinander vergleichen: Objekt 430 gegen Objekt 140. Player Stats. Treatment of all injured crew members and removing the stun effect. 4 Kommentare zu World of Tanks: Überarbeitung des Objekt 430 Version 2 Infinity // 06/05/2018 um 13:58 // Zum Antworten anmelden Zuerst haben sie das obj 430 verunstaltet und zu Tier 9 degradiert und das Obj 430U eingefügt, das nicht mal ansatzweise so gut is wie das alte Obj 430. With 100% Crew: 380 m 75% Crew: 10.49 s Die Entwicklung wurde jedoch aufgegeben. 430 - posted in The Barracks: MASHMAN 90, on 05 October 2018 - 01:17 AM, said: Yup this, i went 430 first so i could get an Object 430 U potentially for free and got XP for K-91 as well from Object 430 II. This page has been accessed 110,281 times. Ideally you want to make use of the tank's decent turret armor and brawling capability. With GLD: 2.179 s With 100% Signal Boost: 876 m The 100 mm D-54TS (U-8TS or 2A24) rifled gun was selected as the armament, in common with other prospective T-54 replacements at the time. Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables, http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/index.php?title=Tank:R96_Object_430&oldid=297932, Force's Muddling Attempts at Self-Actualization, Very strong turret armor and good hull armor, The easiest grind in the game, only the engine and tracks need to be researched, Thin turret roof can be easily overmatched, Poor accuracy, subpar aim time, and bad penetration on premium round, Sluggish acceleration and average top speed, Weak fuel tank module can be damaged/destroyed often. Fazit: Der Panzer ist für den Nahkampf gedacht, aufgrund seiner guten Panzerung, geringen Genauigkeit und der überdurchschnittlichen Einzielzeit. Die Auswahl einer anderen Region kann die Inhalte der Website beeinflussen. With 75% Crew: 2.704 s Reply. Funktioniert nicht mit Ladeautomatik. I know some of you do to but I want to know your opinions about it? In comparison to its two sister tanks, the Object 430 has the highest alpha damage, and best effective frontal hull armor. Es gibt einige Stellen, auf die ihr achten müsst: links und rechts über der oberen Frontplatte. Daher könnt ihr es vergessen, aus großer Entfernung zu feuern. Je höher der Lernfortschritt, desto höher ist der Effekt. What is the lowerblade and uper blade? Light Tanks LT-432 LTTB T-44 lightweight. This all was finished by June 1955 and a wooden mockup was made. Object 430U was one of the variants of the project of the medium tank Object 430. Using Shell Type 1 (390 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute Both: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Furthermore, other experimental tanks (Ob'yekt 165 and Ob'yekt 166 – otherwise known as T-62A and T-62) had also passed the tests by that time, but they also had the advantage of sharing components with the T-54. Erhöht die Funkreichweite aller verbündeten Fahrzeuge innerhalb der eigenen Funkreichweite. With 100% Crew: 0.403 m Erhöht die Tarnung des Fahrzeugs deutlich. First-shot DPM: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Object 430U (“uluchennij” – improved, or “usilenij” – strenghtened) was – although designated a medium tank – a Soviet take on how heavy and heavily armored a Soviet medium tank can get. Standard Gun Circonflexes. With Binocular Telescope: 475 m It will be a new Tier X regular medium tank, taking Object 430 place, while Object 430 will be lowered to Tier IX and Object 430 II will be lowered from Tier IX to Tier VIII. Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. The Object 430 leads to the Object 430U. Obj. With Recon and Situational Awareness: 399.2 m 73 in early 1953. Funktioniert auch während des Nachladens. Das Objekt 430 hat jedoch ein 122-mm-Geschütz, das für seinen relativ hohen Schaden pro Schuss auch annehmbar schnell feuert. Novak. By June 1958, the plant was ordered to build 3 more prototypes for the military to test on proving grounds ("Poligon" in Russian). Was die Panzerung angeht, ist das Fahrzeug ungefähr so stark, wie der T-54. Vents: 9.1 s Obviously, you can forget about sniping other tanks. Die sowjetischen Behörden wollten einen Panzer mit besserer atomarer Überlebensfähigkeit und stärkerer Feuerkraft, daher wurde das Projekt im Jahre 1961 zugunsten des Objekts 432 aufgegeben. Auch die Besatzungsfertigkeiten ist keine Überraschung. 416. The armor is complete trash, the turret can barely bounce tier 8 rounds. März 1953, zusammen mit einer alternativen Ausführung des Panzers in konventioneller Konfiguration. NA EU Asia. 50% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. The Ob'yekt 430 used a completely new chassis with torsion bar suspension, featuring characteristically small roadwheels with internal shock absorbers. Maximum possible: 544 m, With 50% Crew: 412.5 m Radio carries over from almost every other Soviet high tier vehicle, research if you haven't grinded any other lines. 73 in early 1953. 75% Crew: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. 430 Ver. 50% Crew: 12.02 s tanks.gg is a player created website for World … The Object 430 Version II is a Soviet tier 9 medium tank. The frontal plate is nicely sloped, which will help you … A prototype of this medium tank was developed from 1953 through 1957 to replace the T-54. Anvisierte feindliche Fahrzeuge bleiben zwei Sekunden länger sichtbar. Eventually, the conclusion of the testing committee was that, while all the development program goals were met and the Ob'yekt 430 was essentially ready for serial production, it did not represent much of an improvement over the T-54. The Object 430 however, has a 122 mm gun mounted that still fires fairly quickly considering its damage per shot, but the accuracy is more on par with Soviet heavy tanks. Bedenkt das also, wenn euch Feinde mit großen Geschützen begegnen. Using Shell Type 2 (390 Damage): Standard Gun Obj 430 II - posted in The Barracks: I do really like this tank. On “tanks.GG” ? English; Deutsch; français; español; magyar; polski; čeština; русский; Tiếng Việt; WoT Panzervergleich v.9.15. World of Tanks auf Konsole ist ein kostenlos spielbares, teambasiertes MMO, gewidmet der strategischen gepanzerten Kriegsführung des mittleren 20. Vents: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Search. STB-1 Review/Guide, My Favorite Tier 10 Medium Taugrim. Why You Need the Cavalier Tier 5 British Medium World of Tanks Sir Havoc. Advantageous Damage Per Minute With 100% Signal Boost: 630 m Feedback on Equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks Sandbox, so far! ELC EVEN 90 French Premium Light Tank World of Tanks Sir Havoc. I Did It Wrong All This Time!!! Using Shell Type 3 (530 Damage): With 50% Crew: 0.52 m Erhöht die Beweglichkeit in mittlerem und weichem Terrain. Reply. In 1953, KB-60M submitted a preliminary proposal for the new tank. With Coated Optics: 418 m The project was officially started in April 1954 and received the designation “Ob'yekt 430″. Reduziert die Reparaturzeit von beschädigten Modulen. Rammer: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. All rights reserved. Reply. Der erste Prototyp trug die Bezeichnung Objekt 430 und entstand im Jahr 1960. Both and BiA: 8.01 s Both and BiA: Expression error: Unexpected < operator. Standard Gun Das Objekt 430 zahlt für diesen Schutz mit seiner Beweglichkeit und fühlt sich daher womöglich etwas langsam an. The frontal hull armor was to be improved to 160 mm, and the turret was also reworked in order to improve its protection and to install the 122 mm D-25TA gun, also used on the T-10 heavy tank. 75. With both and GLD: 2.085 s These prototypes were ready in December 1959 and were tested thoroughly in two stages from March 1960 to May 1961. Ist mit Waffenbrüder und Stählerne Schwesternschaft kompatibel. The resulting tank was designated Ob'yekt 435 KB-60M also undertook design studies for an up-armored Ob'yekt 430U (“Ulushenniy” – improved, or “Usileniy” – reinforced) with a 122 mm gun. Tier VIII. A number of problems (especially regarding the engine) were uncovered during the trials, but overall the tests were considered a success. For whatever reason whenever WG removes a tank they get equipped with another gun yet all other stats stay the same, including reload speed. In addition, the KB-60M, on its own initiative, attempted to fit the new 115 mm U-5TS (2A20) "Molot" (Hammer) smoothbore gun also used by the T-62. The sketches were ready by the end of 1954, and in May 1955, work began on the technical project itself. With 75% Crew: 339.3 m Obj. 430B, 263B and SU-122-54 got equipped with the 122-54 stock gun. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. At the ZIM (Zavod imeni Malyshev - Factory in the name of V. A. Malyshev) in Kharkov, a new department called KB-60M was created specially for this purpose. Previous to this patch, this tank was my favorite tank. Die hohe Durchschlagskraft lässt euch auch starke Panzerung durchschlagen. Good luck. Die Wahl des Zubehörs ähnelt wieder üblichen sowjetischen mittleren Panzern und erhöht den Schaden pro Minute und die Verlässlichkeit des Geschützes. Reload Times Bewegt euren Panzer, um zu vermeiden dort getroffen zu werden, wenn ihr anderen Fahrzeugen im Nahkampf begegnet.

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