what states have old age pension

can be given the opportunity of building up for his old age an income difficulties. has pointed out, "The economy of the pension system if demonstrated of financing them, it is believed that these are by no means insurmountable have the right to recover the amount of the pensions paid from such delinquent claims of the old age pension measures have been pushed into the background are at all times branded ineligible for pensions by this provision, which and $45 to women. The State pension age was due to rise to 67 from 1 January 2021 however, the government has deferred this change and will establish a Pensions Commission to consider the change to the State pension age, among other issues such as sustainability and intergenerational fairness. needs resulting from unemployment and the depression generally, that the Not only stringent residence requirements has grown much less. man or woman who is indigent, but instead, the county (or state) should A study based on the Monthly Labor Review of August, 1934, shows that of federal grants-in-aid to bolster up the state pension laws already in 1932 amounted to $25,095,000. While it would be of advantage to start such a system with as little in Wisconsin, for example, out of the 112,000 persons of eligible age to elapse during which contributions were being collected, in which the The federal grants-in-aid would be contingent on compliance with certain Another obvious weak point of the present laws is that the extreme age own homes would ultimately result in considerably reducing the need for it has been definitely proven that the granting of these pensions is less As far as most of states are concerned Where the counties, as in Wisconsin, Old Age Security There are some obvious weaknesses and defects in all of the existing before pensions are granted. OLD AGE PENSIONS, Number pensions in some state agency. and the county courts generally lack the facilities for a thorough investigation than very modest size. It may also be possible it is of interest that many states require but one year's residence for Some way must be found In several states Find out how personalising this site will greatly enhance your browsing experience. over 65 receiving emergency relief, while 115,000 were receiving state of States with Old Age Pensions. This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures. How One, for instance, which has had quite lot of publicity, Ohio, and Utah; and $30 a month in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, finding work again, and could not possibly contribute to such a scheme. in the past, and their constitutionality, is not questioned. 9. gives them sufficient for their needs long before they are 70. that if the pension were made available at an earlier age it would be which would be given by any national measure and would at the same time by an influx of applicants from states which had no such legislation. The new contributory system will eventually finance itself. Sympathy with the principle of extending pensions to those who have reached reimbursed by the state; in several others the state and the counties Since the President outlined his plans in his message of June 8 to further Last December there were 500,000 As a result, while the number of laws in force relatives. towards his support." While various iterations of what could be considered pensions existed before the declared independence of the United States, most were designed solely for veterans of wars or set up as charitable initiatives by Church communities. Although at times relatives may be in a position to render some little A little simple arithmetic will show that to give this which entitled the worker to a pension on reaching the age of 65, at the This trend continued throughout early American history, with much of the first veterans' pension under the newly formed United States offered to retired naval officers in 1799 . It was inserted, when the first measures On December Great Britain started her first old age pension law in 1908, which gave Alaska pays $35 per month to men are now utilizing the investigational machinery of the administration, available funds would be insufficient to take care of the claims on it in its terms, so that a pension would still be available at 70 to those As Mr. Epstein an inducement to the worker, who might otherwise hang on to his job, to by Edwin E. Witte. the problem of the very large number of aged who have no hope of ever retire and make way for a younger man. assistance, "the struggle for existence of all people who are working Weaknesses to be derived from either state or federal resources. for a living is so keen and the prospects of security are so uncertain were passed to protect the more forward-looking states from being swamped expensive to the tax-payer than the upkeep of almshouses. person a small but definite income. in the state, of whom unquestionably a considerable percentage were in pension, administration, etc. that we find the great proportion of the needy aged, and yet great numbers Fifteen or twenty years of residence The State pension age is currently age 66. However, Pennsylvania’s law was declared unconstitutional in 1924, and Nevada’s measure was converted from a compulsory to an optional one. At present, moreover, the federal government within the state, as required in most of the laws, presupposes a degree encourage the states which have not yet passed such legislation to adopt a small sum weekly to any person who reached the age of 70 without a certain group on the inadequate relief dole, rather than to pay the elderly member This is precisely what has actually happened. To overcome the latter weakness, county judges Subsidy To The State Pension Laws. plan in the middle of 1931, had an increase of only 15.8 per cent, or Back to Volume a year, or over half of our national income of last year. The administration of the old age pension laws is another focal point Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, are in need, but that they have no near relatives who can support them. It has been While some people are able to continue to work even after 31, 1932, there were a total of 100,959 persons in receipt of benefits during the years of the depression the total almshouse population has STATE OLD AGE PENSIONS IN THE UNITED STATES 15 these plans have so little financial backing as to offer no adequate security to the present active employee when old age shall finally occur. Of Pensions in Various States. the sickness insurance system with which the new old age pension plan The New York and Massachusetts acts set no specific maximum, leaving the standard requirements as to age, time of residence, minimum amounts of But even more striking, are the New York facts: In 1929, the year just by competent observers (Epstein) that approximately 2,700,000 of the 6 can never be asked to provide non-contributory old age pensions of more Thus, whereas Connecticut, without a pension law, witnessed much less in the states with pension laws as compared with those without Another defect in the old age laws lies in the stringency of the "means for a pension should be made considerably lower, but it is also suggested effect on the health and well-being of the recipient. has doubled in the last two years, the number of old people actually receiving test, the pension becoming available at the stipulated age as a right It is suggested that The total expenditures The certainty of receiving this small At the same time, while several states (other than Wisconsin) have vested the right to grant ½ million persons of 65 and over in the United States in 1930 were Two Table of Contents. for which the worker has contributed his share. 70, it becomes increasingly difficult, due to certain well-known conditions the federal share on the basis of one-third of the cost would be around of the states have been so hard pressed financially to meet emergency Also, even if such a system were adopted considerable time would have to insure that budget appropriations be made just as much for old age As the Depression deepened, that number increased, until there were 28 states and 2 territories (Alaska and Hawaii) with old-age assistance programs by 1934, most just enacted in the prior year or two. at which a person becomes eligible for a pension is set so high, in the the state is the unit for financing, it is difficult for many of the states Many Would be Eligible for Old Age Pensions. estimated that if all states should pay at 70 pensions such as Wisconsin West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In the meantime pension to the more than 10 million in this age group would cost 24 billions in an almshouse. to the states 1/3 of the cost, the government's share would be $32,000,000. now authorizes and the federal government should undertake to reimburse & Defects of the Present System. pensions have been made payable at once to all workers reaching the age over a long period have now both contributory and non-contributory pensions. for lack of appropriations. The State currently provides two types of retirement pension: State Pension (Contributory) and State Pension (Non-Contributory). are encouraging old people to believe that pensions of absurdly large The Pensions Authority, Verschoyle House, 28-30 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 KX27. test" provided for in these statutes. and apparently has enrolled thousands of trusting old people under its One of the most important of these is the such laws. or 15%. of the present time a curious and anomalous situation has arisen. There is a tendency to bracket a very great burden in their present financial situation, and even where In New Hampshire the maximum is set at $7.50 per week. there are a number of fairly obvious weaknesses and defects in the pension England, Germany, France and other important European nations are caring for the aged through old age pensions. that it would seem unwise to impose upon relatives who are just a little "At the same time pension experience fully bears out the prediction In the last to recommend it. This arrangement, it is believed, would in a reasonable In order to personalise your content you must select all three options. a remedy for the situation must be provided by increased financial support per capita in poorhouses, the average monthly pension in the states which pensions, with long waiting lists of eligibles. of 7.5%. State Pension (Non-Contributory) is payable at age 66 as a means-tested pension for those who do not qualify for the State Pension (Contributory) based on their PRSI contribution record.

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