wheeler dealers ratings drop

He had been in the running for a gig on Top Gear, a show that could not be more different from Wheeler Dealers, and that made us like him less. terrible!!!!! Brewer* doing mechanical stuff? How to weld. plus mike is the best dealer ever!! WHY? Ed on the other hand put all the life in the vehicles to make them of value. Nothing last forever and its plain to see Edd had lost interest in the job during season 13. And for Ant Anstead? mike is a self important blowhard. Just look at the new Vegas Rat Rods or Memphis Street Outlaws. Will stop watching. his company subbed the work out to ROBSPORT up at royston and MRH hertford. Seriously, remember when Brewer harped on about “the budget”, counting every paintbrush Me China spent, and what he spent it on? Are Kogan TVs any good? “The detailed and in-depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop; what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme, are something Velocity feel should be reduced,” China said at the time. Brewer to Edd…”cheap cheap cheap”….Brewer to Ant “new, new new”. Brewer preferring to spend on aesthetics not practicalities? Also anyone who watches Barrett Jackson car sales, would have occasionally seen Ant and Mike reviewing cars before they go under the hammer. I still miss Edd China and I’m wondering about what he’s been up to these days? Ant constantly has his hands in the grease and chemical cleaners without the benefit of gloves. The weather in English is terrible for filming an outdoors show. Mike Brewer turned out to be a rotund little blowhard who constantly referred to the Great Edd China as my mechanic! It’s done and dusted now. You think about what’s going on in the world, either in London, in Paris, in Vegas recently,” he said. His curiousity for engines or complex systems is equal to zero. Yes! I will NEVER watch this parody. As for Mike, he’s all about the “wheeling and dealing” while contributing some welcome humor . I have no desire to become a viewer of the new format as this has left a very sour taste to all who revere in The Tall Man’s knowledge and practical work. He is obviously out of his depth as an entertainer and, although a good mechanic, is being forced to offer up offal in what was prime rib with Edd. Velocity and their blasted auctions, don’t they realize that a majority of the audience are working class motorheads who are interested in fixing or restoring their own pride and joy vehicle. As an American I also want the show back in Europe. Was Edd China right? As popular as it is, another 13 series is a big ask for any show! For years I worked a night shift, rushing home at 6:00 am so that I could watch Edd perform his magic on an interesting car, right before my very eyes. Load of rubbish bring back Edd far superior,will not watch it again. I personally am more interested in the final product and the money they make. The man’s conceit knew no bounds – Edd China was the only reason to watch the show & this new Substitute ‘Ant’ comes nowhere near the legendary EC! Once the money-men got into the act, the show was doomed, at least of the quality we had all grown to love. And now to see Mike taking the network’s side over Edd, as a loyal viewer for 8+ years, I’m done. The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever (Pt4). And we liked it. just watched the new series! It has certainly raised my hackles- I have watched from the start and as I can no longer do anything on a car due to health problems I still love the show in it’s Edd form. Sorry to come in very late on this subject but I loved the old show and Ed’s realistic calm and normal behaviour made it for me and I had to leave the room when Mike did his bit so this new WD is unfortunately not for me. Ant is a breath of fresh air for Wheeler Dealers and a much better presenter than Edd. Bring the show back to blighty and get back to basics!!! Two mins. Following Edd’s departure, Ant Anstead took over the spanner-spinning duties and reactions from fans have been mixed. A good show cut back for financial reasons! Now we are supposed to believe he can fix cars? There is less wrenching and more of mike searching, the hosts hugging each other and other people, less long sleeve shirts and more army cargo pants. Edd was the reason to watch this show. The show was simple. Edd was the one who had all the skill, and had his own brand of appealing charm, and know how. I reckon 5 minutes of valuable air time was wasted on visiting the brewery, the timber yard the mine in the C10 episode and then the driving rubbish on the RX7 episode. In a sensible world he would go the way of other TV retards and become invisible, however, he’ll probably make loads of money by selling any remnants of his greasy soul to the Americans who will think that he’s a real Brit. While I did like Edd, I sometimes found what he was doing sometimes very long winded. Less building and more drama/personal BS. Opinion here from a German long-time viewer… Loved Edd’s show, have them all on disc. If the rich American owners would allow, it would be nice to have a British/European show with local connections, it was a wonderful concept. Loved that car. It could have been a second hand car garage that the cars were shown and sold from once repaired and then the ridiculous sale at the end of each show wouldn’t have been necessary and embarrassing. I hope he’s okay and doing some awesome work somewhere…. I really enjoyed the technical stuff that Edd presented. TopGearbox is an automotive website providing news and reviews of all the latest Grand Tour, Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers episodes and more. Obviously the profit calculation was screwed by no labour costs being involved and the willingness of suppliers to do a deal in from of the camera. I have always loved Mike Brewer hes great in Wheeler dealers and I wish him and his new sidekick well The show was great with you and Edd, but sucks now Mike, and it’s painfully obvious you are trying too hard and in denial. I, probably along with many others, learnt an awful lot about some of the more arcane aspects of motor engineering Why did Richard Sutton leave the other Brewer series, years earlier? They might say 30 or 40 hours for repairs but don’t give a cost for this. He was the star to begin with. New series overall just seem a little bit naff. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig. I Have no wish too offend. Brewer does seem to be a proponent of Small Businesses — “a man and his mate on an industrial estate”; and he has commented more than once on having to be his own mechanic in his early days as a used-car dealer). So this got us thinking – considering that the workshop forms the backbone of what makes Wheeler Dealers so popular, has anything really changed with the amount of time devoted to it? I enjoy this part of the show as well. It’s a matter of personalities as much as anything. Well, let me leave here a comment from unusual source – I’m not nor British, not American, nobody will consider Russia Europe as well. So just try to spread a little bit of love.”, “It’s a car show and it’s all about the cars. The show is unbearable without Ed and Mike calling out Ed, for me is very disappointing. Would I like more workshop time. “We’re desperate for this show to be shown in our home territory, which is the UK. Give Edd his own show. Trying an imitation of someone, is allways ridiculous. Lets see, he scooped in after Edd got into it with Wheeler Dealer. Yet at the same time I am loathe to complain about less Ant Anstead screen time. The new Mechanic is good in his own rite but a different character. ‘Men’, as you say. Too much playacting and Brewer doing his chubby pal act…and failing miserably. You when watch terminator with Arni and without Sorry, I have watched Wheeler Dealers from the beginning and enjoyed Mike and Edd develop into a class partnership, sorry to see them go their separate ways, think the production company have made a big mistake, no one can replace big Edd , do not like new program, will not be tuning in again. Nothing against Ant, but I’ve stopped watching the show. Apart from the budget there were probably time constraints. Mar 25, 2012 1,078 London Full Name: Russell Schacter #1 rustytractor, Nov 2, 2012. Moving to the US, the lousy choice of vehicles, and finally Ant (I really don't like him; he's too put-on and fake), has caused me to stop watching the show. Edd has been proved right about the reduction in mechanic time on the show (25%), for me this was the whole point of the show, I’ve tried watching the new series but I’m sorry to say in my opinion it sucks. How much $$$ for labor in Southern California? A engineer or mechanic prides themselves on the quality of work before profit. How old is he, every car is his favorite and he sold more cars than anyone I know , sorry but no disrespect to them but the show has now lost its charm aiming at the ordinary man, unrealistic projects except for the super rich at play, rant over Thanksgiving. When Edd China departed last year (pushed out was the general feeling), we were angry, and vowed never to watch again! The final cost after restoration was 24,574 with a final selling price of 27,000 pounds, netting a good profit for the Wheeler Dealers crew of 2,426 pounds. #Velocity,” Matthew J. Jowanna wrote on Twitter. The “Tall Man” was, and still is to an extent, synonymous with the show. It is very useful: with Ant you learn to buy the spare parts you do not know how to fix ;-)), I completely agree, Ant knocks the suspension to bits and then wallah the cars painted and has a lot of new stuff on, Ant is a seriously good welder though.

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