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Their bigWISP is a larger broom, currently retailer for $22.95, discounted from $29.95. Eben Dobson of San Diego, California is the founder of WISP Industries which makes the revolutionary floor cleaning product, the Wisp. US 85/777,571. In a quick and smooth demonstration, Dobson will show the sharks how the sweeping industry hasn’t changed in years, and people are still putting a strain on their backs and knees when they need to clean. There is a core group of 6 sharks (Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary), 5 of which appear on any given episode of Shark Tank. Eben Dobson will pitch his product, the WISP, on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. By: Ameema Ahmed Posted at 11:23 AM, Feb 08, 2018 . There are no beanballs, no penalty boxes, no headbutting. Gone are the cobwebs and the fine dust that accumulates on window screens. As it turns out, it was the bristles that were the secret. Pending Trademarks Eben, an established financial planner with professional athletes among his clientele, made it his mission to find a solution to sand on the green. The sharks weren’t swept away by the Wisp Broom creator's pitch. That kind of experience should come in handy when negotiating with Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, who often negotiates with professional athletes. The WISP goes where no broom has gone before. It’s easy! Broom System. 27 Favorite ‘Shark Tank’ Products at Amazon. « Scrubs Cast Has An Epic Reunion & Fans Freak Out: ‘Bring The Show Back!’, Jessica Chastain Welcomes Her First Baby Via a Secret Surrogate », Camila Mendes & Maya Hawke Starring In New Netflix Film ‘Strangers’, Porn Shop Near Four Seasons Landscaping Mad at Giuliani for News Conference, Rock Around the Christmas Tree With These Dwayne Johnson Stocking Stuffers, People on TikTok are reacting to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory with memes, Flashback: Neil Diamond Gets Patriotic With 'America', Piers Morgan slams the government as 'gutless little weasels' for boycotting GMB for 196 days, Disney Channel’s ‘Christmas Again’ Kicks Off Production, Reveals Cast For Holiday Time-Loop Flick, ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Suspends Production For 2 Weeks After Positive COVID-19 Test, New Story Collections Reconsider History and Upend Tradition, At Home With Our Ancient Cousins, the Neanderthals. All images are used with permission or licensed. A post shared by WISP (@wispindustries) on Nov 12, 2018 at 6:00am PST. $39.95 $44.90 sale WISPsystem $29.95 $34.95 WISPsystem. Things Get Heated in The Shark Tank for WISP. A forlorn family silently gathered around a dining table. The WISP System features far surpass the capabilities of any common broom. You can also get the WISP system, which is featured on Shark Tank … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WISP Cleaning Set - One Handed Telescoping Broom with Electrostatic Bristle Technology and Self Sealing Foot Operated Dustpan & Bonus Whisk Hand Brush and Mini Dust Pan (Gray) As Seen on Shark Tank at Amazon.com. ... Grace Rojas was living in Venezuela when she planned the Hora Loca for her daughter’s wedding. The WISP retails for $29.95 online at Amazon (SEE LINK ABOVE). A cabin in the woods. You can also get the WISP system, which is featured on Shark Tank for $29.95, currently on sale from $34.95. Eben Dobson is an avid golfer, and golf is all about courtesy. The problem was that golfers were “borrowing” the Wisp to clean other things. Eben Dobson pitches his one-handed pull broom and dustpan, Wisp, on ABC's "Shark Tank," on Sunday, Nov. 18. If you’d like a WISP for your home, you can purchase the product on the company’s website. The company also offers a mini WISP, retailing for $12.95 instead of the usual $14.95. The miniWisp is a 6-inch version of the broom for cleaning countertops of spilled cereal, coffee grounds and the like and, for instance, pet hair from the the upholstery and car seats. The Shark Tank pilot that featured WiSpots was filmed in eary January of 2009, and it aired in August of that same year. An avid golfer and an entrepreneur, Dobson was already thinking about the next big product. You can also get the WISP system, which is featured on Shark Tank for $29.95, currently on sale from $34.95. WISP … He worked hard to get the perfect set of bristles for his brooms and the 90-degree angle made them work perfectly. The inventor Eben Dobson was a financial advisor to professional athletes before he created the WISP. Mural Painter Inc on Shark Tank: Here’s what to know about the painting service that connects clients... Connor Saeli claims Mike Johnson slid into Clare Crawley’s DMs before she met Dale Moss, Two Bachelorette stars got engaged this month after getting rejected on national television, Matt James’ season of The Bachelor premiere date revealed – Right on time despite COVID-19. As he explains to the sharks, the bristles are dense, short, and effective in capturing dirt. So, while he did not make an offer during the Shark Tank presentation, he obviously followed up on the progress of the company and the effectiveness of the device.

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